I'm One With It. Really, I Am. - Update.


Edited to update: I am laughing hysterically at the comments. I hadn't even realized the sign could be read, "Proper Attire for People over 30." Which could be a fantastic segway, really, to my previous post on losing fashion sense with age. Originally, I was sad that I was legally entering an "Over 30" club. Since, well, I'm over 30. (And while I'm at it, really? An "over 30" club? Is this necessary in life?)
But now I realize the sign could be read as some of you read it. As a warning for us folks over 30 to dress properly. Which could be pointed at those of us who may or may not embarrass ourselves by : a) dressing too young and hoochy (or wears sparkly lipgloss or Silly Bandz, which I do.) or b) dresses too old, (i.e. housecoats, plaid pants etc..., which I fear, is where I am headed.) So the club could theoretically be requesting "proper attire" for a 30 year old. Whatever proper attire for a 30 year old would mean. Would you know what that means? Because I don't. Oh well. Funny sign anyway.
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