Rest In Peace, #2 In Command

An Obituary: (You're welcome.)

On Friday, July 9th, 2010, the Number Two guy lost his long battle with "Purple." Number Two sat quietly and proudly next to the big guy for more than 3 decades, through long runs, pedicures, bike rides, swims, and late nights crammed into "big people shoes." He never once faltered in his support and loyalty to the big guy and the rest of the troop, no matter what the temperatures reached and what torture he underwent. #2 was diagnosed in May 2010 of  being "purple," an illness that was hiding under a thick layer of red nail polish for weeks unnoticed. Doctors (or pedicurists) say the "purple" was just too far along and nothing could be done. #2 did not suffer and was never in pain. He was laid to rest in an apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey after his final adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge, a lifelong dream. He's survived by nine family members and one owner who says she's proud of what that little toenail accomplished during his lifetime. He will be missed.

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