Another Friday, another weigh-in. How did you do?

Update: 11am -- I have lost two pounds. YAY! Goal reached for this week despite cave on cookie incident.

I have my weigh-in in about an hour, so we shall see if that ticker moves today. I worked hard this week although I did have a moment of weakness and consumed one (1) chocolate chip cookie on a day that was not my "day off". Yesterday. When I was at the bank to drop off my donations for the March of Dimes walk, it was staring at me in the face so I bit it.

Sign the linky with your progress! Good luck!


  1. Good for you! I think it's funny that we have the same background for our tickers. Mine is just over on the side and kind of down below on my blog and with sunshine as the bit that moves, but the same background.

    I'm very new at trying to eat better and move more (after gaining 20 pounds when I quit), and I think I may have gotten overzealous (because that's kind of how I just am) because I'm starting to lose more rapidly than I think is OK. Well, unless the scale was just doing that mystery thing where it say I've gained or lost about 2 pounds overnight...

    Anyway, didn't mean to ramble about me but just got a little excited that we are doing the same thing. With almost the same ticker ;)

    And I'm convinced that one little cookie once in awhile even not on a free day isn't an all bad thing. We still have to be living life, and cookies in moderation are just a part of life.

    Continued good luck!!

  2. Meant to say "when I quit smoking." Must need more coffee.

  3. Congrats on your weight loss this week, that's awesome!

    I lost only one pound. Just one.

  4. I lost nothing. NOTHING! WWWWWAAAAAAAA!

  5. I only lost one pound this week...but that is ok because I met my goal for working out! However, my junk food intake was a little high so that is my goal for next week: Cut out the junk food!

  6. Great job!!!

    My shorts for Lowes are looser this weekend. :)


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