Motivation Monday

You know when you click on something that looks interesting when you're out surfing the web (like an ad by Jillian Michaels -- the crazy bootcamp trainer on The Biggest Loser, for instance) and you make the mistake of putting in your e-mail address and forever afterward become the target of newsletters and e-mails from each one of her sponsors, not to mention each edition of her workout tapes?


But as I was unsubscribing to all of the madness, (stupid! stupid! stupid!) some good did come of it and it was something I needed to hear. (You know that I find inspiration in odd places -- and that includes my junk e-mail folder).

One of the e-mails that Jillian Michaels sent me (personally, I am sure -- and I'm honored she picked me!) The subject line: "Do the work!"

Today I didn't have anyone to watch the kids so I could get to the gym, so I was going to get up at the buttcrack of the earlies, in the dark (like I will tomorrow) and go before husband leaves for work, but the problem is, I was up until midnight cleaning (I rode a huge wave of housecleaning motivation for some reason--floors, toilets, everything! Must've been the Peep guilt) so I knew I would die if I got up even a minute before I was supposed to. But how was I going to fit in my workout --which is arms/upper body -- today. Hmm.

Then I saw it. And I really needed to hear it. Yes, I must "Do the work!" Thanks Jillian, you're right. I will do the work. So I will pull out my DVR recordings of my favorite spandex-clad workout guru -- Gilad -- (sorry Jillian!) and do two runthroughs and do it at home. I will get my ass moving today no matter what. Yes I will. So that's the Motivational Quote of the week -- sponsored by Jillian Michaels -- "Do the Work!" The point being -- no one gets an "A" without studying. Unfortunately, fat does not freely move off my legs and/or ass at its own free will (wouldn't that be the best gift ever!) I have to move it off. Little ol' me -- all by myself (with the help of you guys!) Motivation enough for me, this Monday. Now, time for coffee.

Motivational Song of the week: Pump It by The Black Eyed Peas. Who doesn't want go into an all-out all-limb spaz attack when they hear this song? This is another I-Pod workout playlist must-have.

Feel free to share all your motivations here! Oh, and Biggest Loser prize announcement a little later this morning (after I take the picture!) Ps. If you're reading this and are wondering what the heck the Biggest Loser is, it's our summer slimdown -- and it's never too late to join us and win prizes! Read on here. Happy Motivational Monday!

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  1. Jillian Barberie, now she would be motivation, just ask your hubby


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