Here we go, ladies! We're shedding our winter coats! It's the "Find Our Happy Place Spring Into Summer Slimdown 2008" here at Baby Tea Leaves, a blog version of The Biggest Loser. I don't know about you, but my baby tea leaves have left me with a little something extra and it's time for me to get back to the real me. So join us as we take it off for summer! Here's the deal. Pick a goal for yourself, any goal. Wanna fit that bathing suit? Wanna de-chub for that class reunion? Got an event to go to and you really wanna wear that one hot dress? It could be anything. I'm running a 5k to rid myself of post-baby weight. The race is already paid for and non-refundable. So I can either be the fat chick running the race, or a slightly slimmer, more fit chick running the race.

The rules:

-Grab a ticker like mine and stick it on your blog. You don't have to proudly display your weight (I am most definitely not!). Instead, your weightloss goal.
-Every Friday will be "Fat Ticker Friday" where we weigh in and update our tickers with our weightloss. Again, you don't have to announce to the world your current weight, just how much you lost for that week. The first one will be next Friday, April 11th.
-Link back to here on Fridays and leave a comment, and here's the good part! There will be raffle prizes drawn at random!
-You can track your progress in your posts, post low-cal recipes you ran across, tips, or vent about how sucky your lack of motivation is, whatever. Let's be each other's rock!

-Final weigh-in is Friday, June 6th. (My race is Saturday June 7th). That's two months! Let's do this! (Cue up the motivational music!) Grand prize for the most weight lost!

Here is the code for the button up top! You can copy and paste and share the love in a post so others can join us. Good Luck! (I know I need it)

<a href=""><img title="Spring into Summer Slimdown" src="" /></a>

And here's the code for a smaller version of button, made special by Sonny (thanks babe!)

Summer Slim Down


  1. Would love to join you, but I already promised myself that I'd give myself 6 weeks after Joshua's birth to not worry about getting healthier and just let my body fully recover - but the idea sounds great and good luck! Maybe I'll join you in a month's time!

  2. Ok, I've got the code and I'm going to go post it. Too bad I just ate a handful of malted milk eggs. DAM_ Those Easter Baskets!!

  3. Um, gulp, um...I think I need to join you. :)

    Jen at Unique But Not Alone

  4. My post is up. One of my goals is to cut down on the Diet Dr. Pepper and drink water..Yuk I do not like water but I am going to try!!

  5. Okay, my post is up too. I hope I'll get it this time.
    So please all hop over and wish me luck!

    &hearts Sonny &hearts

  6. Ok I am jumping in both feet first. My post is up at

  7. Oh dear, me thinks this is a great idea. If only I had the gumption to go through with it. I said I was going to run a 5K in Sept, and I'm not even walking daily to train yet. YIKES!

  8. I found you via 5 Minutes for Mom, their Sunday feature highlighted this awesome challenge and well, I'm in!

    I've posted here:

    See ya on Friday!

  9. Found this via SJ. I put your button on my blog but I won't be weighing in on Fridays as I already weigh in and post on Tuesdays. Just wanted to spread the word for your awesome contest though! Love it!



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