My boobs are toast

It is not uncommon for me to sit in this black recliner that we nicknamed "Fred" for hours at a time. Not watching tv. Not stuffing my pie hole with Cheetos. But nursing. For. E. Ver. I used to hate this chair. I inherited it from my husband's single days. I have grown to love it.

I was going to post pictures of Poops' party - which was so much fun - but it is almost 9 o'clock and all I have been doing since 6:30 is feeding Mini. He is beside himself today because we are getting teeth. Yes, teeth already!! I guess it's not already, he is 4 1/2 months old now and Poops had his full set in before he was a year old. I was wondering why Mini slept until almost 9 this morning (straight since 8 the night before!) and took extra long naps all day and then had a small fever this afternoon and then screamed bloody murder for about an hour around dinnertime. I peeked in at his little gums during one of his scream-a-thons and saw another little white nugget poking through, so now there are two! He screamed until I gave him those wonderful miracle Humphrey's teething pellets and he nursed a little longer then fell asleep a minute later. That stuff is magic. I didn't dare wake him up since it was the first time he had been calm, so there I was, stuck in the chair. Really having to pee. But he woke up about 20 minutes later, I got to get up for a second, only to return to Fred to nurse until, oh just about 10 minutes ago.


But he is out like a light now.

I'm starving. I am going to eat one of my little Body For Life low-calorie Myoplex bars for my 6th meal then turn in so I can get up at the buttcrack of dawn and work out before husband goes to work. Tomorrow is Tuesday's Tips, so if you have any, come back tomorrow and share them with all of us!

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