Tuesday's Tips: Like I always say, the family that shaves together stays together!

It's official. The slimdown extravaganza isn't just for the ladies.

Husband is in.

He likes to jump into things both feet first with arms a-flailing. That is what we did this weekend:
Anytime he gets on the wagon, or gets serious about something, he does something drastic like, for instance, going from this:

to this:

So that's Tuesday's tip. If you are teetering on the edge or you're hitting a plateau, no, you don't have to shave your head. But you can do something drastic. Change something. Do something that says, ok there's no turning back now! Like signing up for a race that you have to train for, or getting a whole new workout wardrobe, anything. And then go for it! It puts you in the mode. Anyone got a tip? Air it here!


  1. Although maybe we should shave our heads...I wonder how many pounds I would lose by doing that? I am trying to find what my drastic will be.

  2. Cheers to newness!
    I am the same way..both feet first.
    I wish you well on your weightloss venture..
    Just by changing my eating this past few months I have been able to shed about 20+ pounds. I feel soooo much better.
    I haven't even been exercising the past few weeks and I have been able to hold steady.
    Nothing like the threat of Hawaii to scare the pounds right off of you! :)
    I would love to come and visit your tea room, so hurry up and open that baby up!
    It's hard to know what to do next in life..I know. I struggle with the same thing daily. Yes, I have the job. But now, wow, so much changing that will go on. I have to leave my job that I have now, my friends, all my patients. Go back to school. I think it's what I want, but who knows? I think we just keep moving along in life, taking paths that seem right. The key is to never look back, never regret. You can always do what you want, it may just be in a different way, at a different time.
    Oh sorry, did you want a guest blogger today? ha ha
    love you girlie..
    would love to hang with you sometime, I truly think we would be the best of buddies. We will meet someday soon..
    thanks for hanging in there with me all this time!


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