The days of milk and cereal

Have you ever seen a person so happy about to have a meal?It's like he's never eaten a meal in his life! (And I can tell you from experience that is entirely not true re: nursing marathons.)
We tried cereal a couple weeks ago and he completely poo-pooed that idea. He spit up the whole thing. So I waited a few weeks, and after noticing him looking at us longingly while we eat and making chomping faces, I tried it again.

I could not get this stuff into his face fast enough.

He was shoving my arm with the spoon into his mouth, which of course was too fast and all of the cereal would go sliding off -- which meant less cereal in mouth -- the opposite effect than what he was hoping for.

Now he's an eating champ and I am excited because this means making babyfood again! I loved doing this with Poops. I steamed and pureed all his vegetables and poured it into an ice tray and froze them. Each little cube makes one serving so steaming just a few vegetables would make 12 servings that would last forever! If you're interested in this type a thing... try this book: Super Baby Food. She gives you a few more tips than you really need (like how to load a dishwasher or pack your trunk) but the food information is so super useful. This was my "bible" for babyfood the first time around. There are recipes and tips, even schedules to help you figure out when to feed your baby what when you're starting solids (and I forgot how confusing this can actually be until I picked it up again!) Of course, whatever your pediatrician says is more important than the book -- so use that first, but this is a great guide.



  1. what a sweetie! I can just about imagine him thinking "gimme gimme"

  2. Aw, so adorable! I love eating, too ;) I think it's cool that you make some of your own baby food. That's gotta be a good thing.

  3. Aaaw! Look at that cutie!!! He's really adorable!
    Hugs, &hearts Sonny

  4. You are now an official stay at home mom hero..making your own baby food! Geez..you have my total respect now girlfriend! I have only known one other super mom to do this and I was in total amazement the entire time. He is, by the way, so stinking cute I can hardly stand it.


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