The "I Proclaim This the Summer of ME!" Weightloss Challenge

I love Seinfeld. I can watch reruns of Seinfeld episodes all day every day and there isn't a single episode I haven't seen. Remember the one where George gets three months off work and proclaims it "the Summer of George!"?

Well guess what. This is the summer of ME. And you. And you. And you over there, too.

This is the summer slimdown part deux. Summer slimdown: the sequel. But to change it up a bit, we're calling it the:

"I Proclaim this the Summer of ME! Weightloss Challenge"

The last go-round I lost 12 pounds. I ran a 5K. I posted my big fat picture like I said I would. (Yes I let it all hang out there for you internets to see). Janeen, who lost 5, tied Catie for first place and it was a toss up for a $50 spa gift card, the grand prize. We had prizes throughout and there was a lot of ups and downs shared and friendships made and it was a lot of fun. A few of you asked to keep it going, so ye ask, and ye shall receive! ANYONE CAN JOIN!

Here's what we're doing. Leave me a comment and let me know you're joining. It officially starts Monday, June 23 -- which is coming up quickly!! One of my favorite quotes to get this going on your head is this: "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." And it's true. If I do not plan it all out, I doom myself to failure. And I am not failing this time. I am not.

So, plan. Trust me on that one. Then, we begin. June 23rd.

It will end Friday, July 25. That is four and a half solid weeks of slimdown fun. Why July 25? Because I have to stuff my big fat a&& into a bathing suit the following week for vacation, so that is my next goal. Like I always say, you gotta have a goal, right? That's my biggest piece of advice. Pick something to look forward to, a goal for the end of the challenge. Find a 5k in your area to run. Find an event you really want to dress up for. Find an outfit you really want to wear. Anything you want! That, combined with a weekly check-in on our Fat Ticker Fridays, and you've got yourself some old fashioned homegrown motivation! Take your body back! Take your life back! Don't you want to shop in any store and not cry in the dressing room? (Yes, I have cried in the dressing room before.) All I can say is this: THIS IS THE SUMMER OF YOU!

So, lace em up and get moving. I lost 12 pounds of baby fat (17 total since my baby was born) and I have about 20 more to lose to get to my ideal body weight. Won't you join me? Like I always say, safety in numbers!

-Leave me a comment between now and the 23rd telling me you're joining and what your goal is. -Post something about it and link here to the contest.
-Grab a ticker like the one on my sidebar and start the count!
-Then, stop in every Friday for "Fat Ticker Friday" to post your results from the week. Be sure to visit everyone else too! Encouragement for the other participants is key to keeping up the motivation!
-You must weigh in to be eligible for the prize drawing each Friday

-If you want to donate a prize for weekly drawings, please feel free! E-mail me! Prizes=even more motivation! It's almost fail-proof! (Except, I won't lie. It is work. It's hard work. Damn hard work. But it is SOOOOO worth it. Especially if you're not alone doing it.)

Here's the button code:

Summer of Me

And for those of you in the world where it is not summer at all, but instead, winter, (I know of at least one participant for which this is true!!) Here is another button!! :)

Summer of Me

The best part is: Our growing prize list! (contact me at christieo_7 at msn dot com for prize donations)

-Set of body wash, lotion, bubble bath and a loofah from Bath & Body Works
-T-shirts from One More Mile, a really cool online running gear store (you must check out their great slogans!My personal favorite is "Stress relief in progress")
-One More Mile will also give a magnet or a sticker with one of their cool slogans on it to anyone who reaches their weight loss goal during the challenge
-Free Customized Blog Design by Doodlebug Designs
-Set of three lotions, Tranquility, Sleep, and Energy
-Camelback Hydration Pack (this is one of my favorite things ever!)

Simple as that! And I'll see ya on the flip side!


  1. Girl, you know I'm in. I'll do a post on this right now (and send you my address too). My sister in law has a 6 week old and she's been wanting to join us too so you can expect her. Thanks for kicking us in gear!

  2. Hi there! I am Janeen's sister-in-law... and I am so in! I have been wanting to join you all for some time now!!! I too will post the info!

  3. Okay, for that I didn't reach my goal in summer slim down, I hope I will do this time. I started Weight Watchers last monday. So hopefully this time my weaker self won't win again...

    So I'm in! I join you!

    Hugs, Sonny

  4. I'm in. I've been going to the gym a few days a week and trying to eat better. I'm not sure what a realistic weightloss goal is for 4 1/2 weeks though.

  5. ok yer gonna hate me.. but don't, i have no weight to loose. however, i am totally unhealthy. i need to build muscle mass and shake off my wings where my triceps used to be. what are the four food groups? i don't remember. i need a get healthy type of program. i want energy and need to feel powerful again. im in...but how?
    jenny from the block (with the j-lo bootay)

  6. OK! I joined up again. And I'm going to stick it out till the end this time! I'm still so angry at myself...

    But anyway, I posted about your challenge on my blog - check it out: http://mybigfatirishblog.blogspot.com/2008/06/wish-me-luck-again.html


  7. I am so glad you are keeping this going! I am so in.

  8. sounds cool...count me in. i don't follow any particular diet. i just do a calorie count and exercise. my goal is to get down to 200 from 213. not a big goal, but when ya have thyroid issues, it's a lot harder. i already have a ticker at the bottom of my blog :)

  9. I would love to be in. Only two wee problems. The last time I tried to get a ticker to fit on my blog it was a disaster. I will give it another go. I do keep graphs though so maybe that will do.

    The second thing... can I declare it the winter of me! it isn't summer here down under but beating the cold winter blues is a pretty good motivation to exercise.

    PS I love the last two songs that just played on your blog.

  10. Hi, Here via Mom not Mum....

    This is something I've been looking for. I haven't quite lost the last 15lbs or so from my last baby, who's now two and a half.

    Count me in.

  11. Oh I'd like to join this. I love the sound "The Summer of Me."

    I would like to try Pilates for this. :)

  12. Hi!

    I'm in over at Cool Moms Rule, and I have posted about your fantastic "Summer of Me" Weight loss challenge here:
    The Summer of Me and you and you and you!

    Viv, Editor
    Cool Moms Rule!
    vbruss AT cfl.rr.com

  13. I'm in! Let's see - for goals, I'd like to lose 4 pounds in 4 weeks, and to do my new Pilates DVD at least 4 times.

    Starting small on the exercise, I know. But it's better than I've been doing, and I'm trying to be realistic!

  14. I found your blog at 5 Minutes for Mom. I was intrigued immediately when I saw your "Summer of Me" Weight Loss Challenge. I've been trying (well not very hard, honestly) to lose these last 25 pounds after my third and last baby almost 7 months ago. I've lost about 20 pounds so far, but now I'm stuck. After seeing your post, I have a reason to get motivated. I have a weight loss buddy! Several of them. Yay!

  15. I'm so in! We have to start eating healthier due to some medical things (minor) in the family. I need to loose some baby weight from my 2 year old. I'd love to loose 5 pounds doing this challenge.

  16. Ok, I'm in. I have a goal to lose 15 pounds during the contest. I have a lot to lose, and I'm hoping that the competition will keep me moving and on track. I got a free membership to the YMCA, so I have to make the best use of it possible. I am also going to focus on eating healthy meals of meats and vegetables with little of the extras such as breads and sweets.

  17. I'm in. I want to lose 10 pounds during the challenge. About 2 pounds per week, maybe a little more. My youngest is 5, still have weight to lose from that pregnancy. More than the weight I want to tone up my abs. I'll be glad to doing this with company. Wii Fit get ready for me, I am the Hula Hoop queen of the house.

  18. I'll join too, it sounds like fun!!My goal is to lose 6 pounds which would give me 15 pounds total. I think this is doable & realistic for me. Thanks!!

  19. I am IN! I want don't want to lose weight as much as I want to find a healthier me! If I keep focusing on the weight I need to lose, the universe is gonna make sure I have weight to lose! But if I focus on the healthier things I can and should be doing to be a better me, then opportunities to think and act healthier will be provided :)

  20. Count me in! I have been struggling with losing the weight from my youngest, he's now 2-1/2. He was also my 3rd, it was SO much easier with the first two. I'll do a post today. I joined WW a few months ago and have lost and gained the same 5lbs.

  21. I'm in! I have to get in shape, my health is suffering. I want to be able to run around after my kids.

    I blogged about it at http://blog.kimberlykaye.com/2008/06/22/the-summer-of-me/.

  22. I'm in! I have a post going up on the 25th (sorry I'm scheduled ahead).

    I commit to losing 8# more pounds in the contest period.

    Thanks for the fun!!!

  23. Yay! I have been searching for something like this for weeks. Challenge. Accountability. Encouragement. Prizes! I am so in. (Posting and linking and tickering first thing in the morning...)

  24. I'm in. I gave birth to my second daughter 2.5 months ago and desperately need to get back into shape now. My overall goal is to lose 30 lbs. Not sure how much I will lose in 4 weeks but it's a good start!

  25. I want to join, I hope I'm not too late and I hope this is open to non-US residents as well? I'm posting about it today. ;-)

  26. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  27. I did comment before but I've had a change of heart

    I'm not going to drop out completely but I am going to run my idea.

    Recently I've been quite negative whereas in the past I've looked for the silver lining now I just look at the black clouds. So the way I am going to make this The Summer Of Me is to prodominately be more positive (and the healthy eating will also come into it)

    Would this work?

  28. New reader here, via Up North Mommy. I don't have a blog up and running, but hope to soon. Anyways, I'm in (a day late, but better late than never). Anyways, m8y goal for the 25th is to have my current size jeans (that are too tight now) fit better and be lose and comfortable... Long term goal is much bigger.

  29. Hi, not a blogger but this is exactly what I need! My goal is 10 lbs for this challenge. I'm going to Hawaii for the first time ever this fall and I don't want to be embarassed and STILL wearing my maternity clothes! (my youngest is 5 months) I want to lose 30-40 by the end of the year. Thanks for doing this! My goals are exercise every day and only snack on fruit. I'm so glad I found you this morning!
    Gina :)

  30. I know i'm a couple days late, but I just found out!! This is just what I've needed. I signed up for the local July 4th 5K run and I'm 'training'--if you can call it that. I'm hoping all this running will help me slim down.

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  34. I just did this. :D
    Summer is cool for weightloss.

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