Thursday Thirteen

13 things I like about officially being out of a "size huge" for the first time in two years

1. Not crying in the dressing room. I cannot tell you how many times I have stuffed myself into clothing refusing to go the size huger because I couldn't bear to actually pick up that size and admit that I would fit it. (I never actually bought it though, I would choose shoes instead because those always fit.) I would get all hot and sweaty trying on clothes, my hair would be in disarray and eventually I would cry.

2. Tonight I tried on clothes for hours and in normal people sizes (not the size I want to be, but still. Not huge. And I believe in baby steps.) and I could have done it for hours more just basking in the fact that I actually fit things. I felt like Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive. Only I didn't have a million people swarming around me helping me. And I didn't order pizza whilst trying on clothes. And I didn't have Richard Gere's credit card.

3. Did you know people treat you differently when you're in a size huge? It's true. Sometimes they're not as nice. Sometimes they just look past you. It hurts. I've never been a size huge until after I had kids, and let me tell you, what an eye opener. I like that people are nicer.

4. Or maybe it's that people are nicer because I have more confidence and I'm not all hiding in the shadows from embarrassment from my huge size anymore.

5. I am more sociable. Definitely related to the confidence thing, but I am not always thinking about how I have nothing to wear to the playground or to the zoo or to a party. Or afraid to sit on a barstool because of all my rolls. (Isn't that gross that you know that about me? Oh well!)

6. My husband sees a difference and he likey.

7. My husband still lurved me, size huge or not. I'nt he cute?

8. I like being able to run for 30 minutes without wanting to die.

9. OOh, I was not wanting to play softball while I was large because I was afraid of running to the base like a snail. But I'm joining a softball team in two weeks. I love me some softball. I don't throw like a girl. I played baseball since elementary school and softball from high school through, oh just before the kids were born. Which reminds me of a funny story. One time my husband, before he was my husband, came to NY to visit me and help me pack because I took a writing job in Salt Lake City and I was moving. I told him I had one last softball game to play and I promised my team I would go even though I had so much to do, so we took the train out to Long Island so I could play but I didn't tell him it was a quadruple header, yes, that's four games. We had to make up a couple rain-outs. So my husband-then-boyfriend sat there and sat there and sat there while we played our four games and then I got no packing done whatsoever and pulled an all-nighter before my flight out. He lurves me.

10. Wow! That was quite a tangent. Anyway. I like that my fat clothes are wayyy looser on me. Like my pajamas.

11. I like that I can sift through my closet and try on stuff I had doomed to the pits of never-fitting-again and find that they fit! It's like buying new clothes without the money!

12. I love clothes so much this is why I am obsessed with clothes and fitting them.

13. Finally, and probably the most important, I feel like me again. Plain and simple. It has been so long. I feel like I have been in this fog for two years, not wanting to see my old co-workers or old friends because I was so self-conscious about how I looked. That's no way to live. I was turning into a hermit. And I'm one of the most sociable people on the planet! Are you sick of hearing about my weight yet?
Got some extra weight to lose? It's the Summer of ME Weight Loss Competition here at Baby Tea Leaves! Click here to join, it starts next week! Lose weight, gain prizes (and friendships! I've met a lot of amazing bloggers through this the last time around!)
Happy Thursday Thirteen!
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  1. After having a child, my body also little bit "big" :D But mostly for my the problem is in my stomach. I have big stomach :D

    My T13 in here Thanks

  2. After quitting smoking I got up to my heaviest and experienced the bad dressing room experience for the first time, and I was freaked the hell out by it. Thankfully, I was in a good position to get busy and not let it go too far and am mostly close to where I want to be, but I was floored at how it sneaks up on a body. I have a new admiration for folks who have been able to lose a lot of weight because just the 20-ish pounds I've been working on are not easy to lose. It's got to be very daunting and intimidating but then all the more worthwhile when the results start happening. I'm thrilled for you and for your good man - really, a quadruple header? He loves you big time. :)

  3. Oh man, I can totally relate to everything on that list. Totally %100

  4. First congratulations.

    We [someone else had this on their blog - very similar about 'huge' and clothes]...I say, society is very prejudice against so many things, and I don't like the treatment some give to 'over sized''s what is INSIDE the person that counts. Just like your hubby loving you no matter. That's what it's all about.

    My 13 is posted, come join me?
    Happy Thursday.

  5. oh's been awhile! That is how I discovered you my friend :)
    Yes, I love being smaller, I haven't talked about it much, but I have lost around 23 pounds since January. I love that I can try on clothes and not be sad too! I am happy I can wear a bikini. I want to be my personal best when I turn 40, need to soften that blow! :)

  6. Congratulations on losing the weight, I totally can relate to all your feelings. I am still in the process.

    If you get a chance go to Our Wicked Weighs

    It's not my site but she's a friend and it is a great site.

    I'm glad I found your blog. (via TT)

  7. Way to go! Enjoy that softball team (and the not-so-plus sizes)!

    Good T-13!

  8. Oh I wish I could feel what you are feeling. I have ben trying to loose baby weight for 9 months now with not 1 pound coming off. NOT ONE! If you can't tell, I am getting a little frusterated. But congrats!!!!!!

  9. Great list! I can relate thats for sure!

  10. long time listener
    first time caller :)

    love this THIRTEEN.

    your husband? love him. and #6 and 7.


  11. Hopefully, one day soon I can make a post as to how I am fitting into regular size clothes!!! I am still in size "huge"!!
    The Summer of Me competition has definitely motivated me!!!

  12. my husband said it best when he saw you for the first time after many months...
    "she looks AMAZING!"
    jenny from the block


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