Unofficial Fat Ticker Friday-last one before the real thing!

Goody goody! I lost a pound and a half this week so I am almost to my halfway mark officially. I am not sure what the goal for the Summer of Me will be for myself. I'll have to do some math over the weekend.

If you're joining us in the competition, take a look at the growing list of prizes! Pretty cool! And get ready to purge all those cookies and gallons of ice cream from your kitchen cause Monday, it's on, baby!

Feel free to sign the linky today (unofficial still) and post your weightloss for the week (if you've been tracking it!) By the way, I have created our own "Fat Ticker Friday" linky over at Mr. Linky ( so feel free to use that too and visit other people! Happy Friday! I leave you with happy happy baby face and chubby arm.

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  1. awww that is too cute he looks super happy

  2. cute picture - I'll have to figure out the new mr linky when I'm at home - not work.

    So far I'm down 3lbs so we'll see if I can keep it up. Going to a pampered chef CHOCOLATE party tonight though so that might set me back a few. LOL

  3. down 1 water retention is going down a bit now LOL i usually keep my weight progress on my thyroid blog.


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