Summer of Me Mid-Week Poll

How we doing ladies?????

I am feeling the burrrrrrnnnnnnn!

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  1. i'm feeling fine since i'm sitting on my fat tush! lol! i'm starting a giveaway or two on my blog tonight. run on over then!

  2. i'm actually doing pretty well. i committed fully to my no-more-than-1200-calories a day was able to drop the four pounds i gained during my vegas vacation PLUS one today. it is quite possible that i might met my goal of being at 210 by friday considering i lost 2 pounds in about 3 days. it didn't hurt that i played dance dance revolution w my girls for a couple of hours yesterday! LOL

  3. I am desperate to win that Wii Fit, but alas, I went to the fair and ate naughty foods. Might still be down a bit, but not enough to win. Sigh.

  4. I did not work out today... it was weird I just woke up and felt like I needed a break... so my break was only walking one mile with my son at a nice slow pace so that I could talk to him and make him smile. I feel good.. clothes are definitely starting to fit differently but not to were they really need to be... I have until Aug. 20th before I go back to work... I need to be in my clothes by then and as long as I am making progress I am cool with that! We'll see on the weigh in day if I actually lost any weight this week. I will be shocked if I do because of my saturday night outing... My mom babysat for us and we didn't get home til about 1 and well I'm sure you know the rest!!! Thanks for checking in with us!

  5. It's been tough to stick to my diet while on vacation in Indiana, but so far I have been ok on my number of carbs. Plus, because of my activity level the last couple of days, I was down another 2.2 pounds from the beginning of the week. Not only was I walking from one end of the Orlando Airport to the other, but I walked alot in Louisville and then I walked my dads dog again this morning. It's going to be close, but I think I might make it. I better since I haven't had any sweets since Sunday. (Not even low carb ice cream.) We are having baked turkey and vegetables tonight for dinner so if I drink lots of water I think I will make it.

  6. Didn't do so well on vacation but since I've been back? I'm doing a'ight.

    We'll see tomorrow though, right!


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