Summer of Me: The Season Finale

Sigh. I feel like it's graduation and I'm listening to that one graduation song, you know that one, I can't remember the name. Isn't by someone called Vitamin C or something?

(Why yes, it is! I just looked it up! So I'm not so out of touch with my oldness. I'll have to play that on Friday.)

Well, this is it. I hope everyone works hard this week for that Wii! Until then, I'm playing my hardcore workout music on this blog in honor of our last chance workouts.

On to the best part. My brain actually hurts from all the prize offerings this week! (In a good way!) So if you don't win the big Wii or the Runner Up prize, there is still a little somethin' something' for ya to try for! That's the benefit of getting too many sponsors!! Who'd have thunk?

Real quick: fine print is as follows:

Please make sure you read all the rules carefully (there aren't too many) but you must abide by them in order to have a shot at the prizes -- especially the rules for the Grand Prize drawing because out of fairness, the winning contenders have to follow all the rules to the "T". There's also that honesty factor that I really don't want to mention again, so I'll put it in italics because then it's not like I'm saying it, it's more like I'm whispering and nudging nicely.

There. OK. Now to the good stuff.


Need I say more? I don't even have one of these and I'm giving it away! How crazy is that??!! But that's ok, because if not for our friends at Market Leverage, we wouldn't have such a cool prize. This prize includes a $100 American Express gift card.


A $100 American Express Gift Card! Thank you Market Leverage!

There are four prizes left. Would you believe that? FOUR! They are:

A set of three body lotions from Bath and Body Works: "Energy" which is Mandarin Lime, "Stress Relief" which is Tranquil Mint, and "Sleep" which is Lavender Vanilla. My favorite thing about these is that not only do they smell like my favorite things in the world, they are in glass bottles. Like in the olden days. It's so "apothecary". I love that.

Then there's our tee-shirt from our friends at One More Mile, who have been just so extremely wonderfully generous throughout this contest, I can't even believe it.
The third prize is: A burned CD of the workout songs on my playlist and a workout necklace from my Etsy store, "Don't Sweat It".

Finally, and this is for anyone! The fourth prize goes to anyone/everyone who actually met their goal and that's all you have had to do was meet your goal. One More Mile has offered a magnet or a sticker with any slogan you wish for reaching your goal. Awesome.

So, got it straight? Hahaha! I've got birds flying around my head like in the cartoons.

Here are the rules: For the grand prize and runner up prize:

-On the Final Fat Ticker Friday, you must leave your weightloss for the week along with your total for the challenge in the comments.
-Post a final wrap-up post on your blog and link to here.
-Also, your ticker must be updated with the final results of your weightloss for the challenge.
-Comments close at 8pm et Friday, July 25. The winner will be announced Saturday morning, July 26th.

*If there is a tie for first prize, the grand prize winner will be drawn between the tying participants. I wish there were a more scientific way to do it, but since we're spread across the globe and we're not doing it NBC-style with fat percentages, that's the only way to go. The runner up will get the runner up prize (fitting!).

As for the rest of the prizes: I will select three winners at random from the comments section. The first winner drawn will have their choice of the three prizes. The second winner will choose between the two prizes left, and the third winner drawn will get the remaining prize.

And of course, anyone who meets their goal gets the magnet/sticker from One More Mile.

All of this being said, my journey is not quite over yet. I will still hold a Fat Ticker Friday on Fridays because I will continue to weigh in, if you want to join me you are more than welcome to. I am running a 5k in Atlanta with my best friend in September, and I am still training for that 10k Thanksgiving Day. And if you are interested in continuing this weightloss journey with me, let me know. I feel a "Hot for the Holidays" contest brewing in my head, because, you see, I have been so wanting to wear this one dress at my husband's company's Christmas party. And I so don't want to be the "fat wife" at his Christmas party this year. I want to wear this dress. It's been sitting lonely in my closet for two years. It is a "little black dress" and it's hot. I am just salivating over it. And some hot strappy sandals, Ooh La La. Anyway, won't that be a nice wrap up to a nice year? A nice little present to myself.

Good luck to everyone this week!!

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  1. This truly has been a great experience for me!!! I am thankful that my sister-in-law Janeen let me join her group of friends!!!

    Hello Nicol.... geezzzzzzzzzz.... maybe she could share a workout that she typically does... this way we will know how to get that six pack.

    I have done some tough workouts in my life.. playing college basketball and all... but I have never even come close to a six pack (unless it was in the form of cans or bottles)... I believe that we can all get that.... just need some tips on how to get there!!! Thanks for sharing all of you get info! You rock!

  2. Wow, you break out the big prizes! I kind of wish I'd gone official with my participation. ;) All good stuff, and I've been enjoying this even unofficially. You inspire folks, and that's awesome.

  3. I am so up for "Hot for the Holidays". Girl, I'm a lifer on this path so I'm up for anything:) Awesome prizes and thanks for all your hard work!!

  4. This is really exciting. I was so good at lunch this week and when I leave here I'm going to go workout. I want this Wii. Plus, I'm going home to Indiana on Wednesday and it would be nice to be thinner. I actually hit the 12 pound mark this morning so I might actually make it if I work really hard.

  5. Just happened upon your blog...Awesome stuff!
    I hope to get in on this next time...I'm sure there'll be a next time, right?
    I like the way you are promoting getting fit with an emphasis on doing something special for ourselves because we do, indeed, deserve it!

  6. I sort of dropped the ball with my weight loss goal since vacation happened right in the middle of this challenge, but I'm re-focused (AGAIN!) and am going to work my butt of this week to 1.) eat healthy and 2.) work out daily. Monday came and went and so far I've met both of my goals that I have set for myself. I really don't understand why I struggle so much with weight loss, and why I do this to myself.....

    But anyway!

    I think you are an awesome inspiration and gosh, I've really missed reading your blog! I've got some catching up to do! :)

    It's good to be home.

  7. I'm excited to be a part of this Christie, thank you! And I think I'd join you for the "hot for the holidays" venture too!

  8. I guess I don't qualify to participate in this contest but I gained some weight but I worked off like 5 pounds within the last few weeks because I joined the gym and started going 3-4 times a week. Plus, I play sports already - basketball, baseball, football, tennis - so I'm just trying to get back to my sports weight.

    But too bad I didn't find out about this earlier, I know I would have won :P



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