Under the Weather: The Sequel to Poo (Scroll for WW Grandma Edition)

My poor poor boy. There is something about seeing your child sick that just makes you die a little inside.

Poops has had a fever for two days now and some "stomach issues". He's not hungry for anything except "fish crackers" and juice. He sits there with those sick eyes and his "geen banket" watching "boo choo choo" (Thomas, the blue choo choo) or George and he just looks so poor and sad. Sometimes he takes his blanket and goldfish into his new "stadium seating" (an old Britax carseat box) to watch his show and is quite content whilst doing so. He loves him some medicine, thank goodness, and is very good about letting me take his temperature as long as he has his little red truck, Mack. He's such a good boy. I don't even mind the sick whining (I would do it too!), I just want to pamper him and make it go away.

We're still in our pajamas. It's just one of those days. It's also been raining for two days, which seems fitting because of the mood around here, but the darkness of it makes the rooms cozy and comforting for very sleepy babies so it's actually kind of nice.

It's funny how cleaning up and making your child comfortable is so very matter-of-fact and easy, because it is just something that a mom does. And when someone offers to help, the mother hen in me jumps to say, "No, no! I got it!" because we mothers have to be all over it and in charge. And I love how, somehow, though you've never once been trained in taking care of sick kids (at least I haven't) somehow you know just what to do. I always thought when I was a kid, How does she know that?? But you just do.

So. Of course, there are a few things that are really getting on my nerves today as I try (happily, I might add) to take care of sick baby and the list of annoyances is as follows: baby kitty cat on counter, baby kitty cat on table, baby kitty cat eating other kitty's food, baby kitty cat in garage, baby kitty cat mounting other cat resulting in angry kitty brawl, baby kitty cat climbing to the top of the ficus tree, baby kitty cat playing with the wires in the back of the television, other kitty cat barfing on the carpet and sick two-year-old stepping in it, baby kitty cat whining loudly while children are sleeping because annoyed mommy put him in the bathroom to get out of annoyed mommy's hair, baby kitty cat jumping on computer whilst annoyed mommy is typing out annoyances, stepping in cat litter on the floor in the laundry room while laundering sick baby sheets, forgetting to put on slippers to walk into the laundry room where the cat box is, messy house that occurs whilst house is sick.


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  1. Poor baby! I hope Poops feels better soon!! Hope baby kitty goes and hides somewhere from you for a while. Hugs to you.

  2. Awww, poor baby! It is so hard when you see your child like that ... it certainly kills you a bit inside. And you're right about needing no training for comforting the sick baby.

    I hope he gets better soon. Your baby kitty rave is pretty funny, although I'm sure you don't find it that funny. Hey, baby kitty can always become an outside cat!

  3. So sweet, sitting in "stadium seating." You are such a sweet and fun and patient and caring and fabulous mom - exactly the kind I would want to be. Hope he is feeling better soon!

    I've been having a sick cat issue and have been doing my own kind of cat mother thing, but it's different. =^..^=


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