Fat Ticker Friday + Meetup followup

I think my scale might move today! I don't knooowww, but I have a hunch it may! It moved earlier this week so let's see if it sticks! My ceremonious weigh-in will be around 8 a.m. as always. Feel free to (unofficially) weigh in with me today!

Pounds lost: 0.
What to do next week: seriously? none? after my whole "hunch" thing and everything? totally lame. hmmm. what to do. i guess, don't even eat at restaurants? maybe there's some hidden fat/grease/whatever in there i am not accounting for? sheesh. i had better figure something out. and soon. hot for the holidays is right around the corner.

As previously stated, I've been gaining and losing the same two pounds each week for oh, about 3 weeks now. Usually I'll have gained them from eating at restaurants and drinking beer on the weekend and then during the week I shave them off in time for Fat Ticker Friday and report back no change. I guess no change is ok change. But change-free is getting old. So I'm laying off the goodies. My nighttime snack is lowfat yogurt with peaches or fat free chocolate pudding. Period. And I had gone to a couple of restaurants this week but I only got good-for-me stuff because I had been working so hard I didn't wanna ruin it with crap.

And even though I'm not seeing much of a change on the scale, I am seeing a change in things like bathing-suit-wearing. A particular bathing suit that I have that I have had since my honeymoon because I love it and will wear it until it disintegrates like men tend to do with their underwear, well, it looks a lot less hideous on me than it did a couple of months ago. In fact, I am not embarrassed at all to wear it! Even in front of actual people! Like at my son's swim lessons which started last week! My stretch marks seem to be fading, finally (I think they finally got the memo. And yes, there was an actual memo.) So they don't peek out from the bathing suit anymore. And there are fewer ruffles and ridges in the upper-leg/thigh region. No, it is not done being shaped and formed like I am hoping to shape and form them. But they are making headway! So boo to the scale. Things are shifting back to the good places.

Oh and onto the meetup from earlier this week. How anti-climactic is this? Remember my big long post on the new meetup I belong to?

I'm totally embarrassed. This is me dying inside a little.

OK. So my friend and I went. And after an hour of waiting for the other person to show up because apparently it was just us two and the organizer, we ordered. We were meeting at a restaurant. Only, we weren't meeting at a restaurant. And that's why we waiting so long and no one showed up. We were supposed to meet at the kids play area. But neither one of us read that part! Shame on us.

I'm an idiot. See? I jinxed myself right out of going with that post. What the heck. Only the sad part is, my friend, the meetup guru, she read it wrong too! No wonder we're friends!

Oh boy. So yes, she has since forgiven us and we will try again with round two. Only now I'll have redface from being an idiot.

Let me know how you did this week if you feel like it! Happy Friday! May no one get battered by hurricanes! Ps. Don't forget to check back and look at that growing prize list. I've been updating it here! Or you can just click on the Contests and Giveaways button at the top of my blog up there! Cheers!
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  1. I gained 2 lbs.

    Woot woo-

    Wait a minute. I'm supposed to be losing aren't I?

    So, I gained 2 lbs.

    Forget about that woot part.

  2. I lost 0.5 pounds from last friday!! WOOT!

  3. Good job ladies....even if you gained, hopefully you can figure out what when wrong and make the necessary adjustments. Congratulations to Leigh for your weight loss. Since I have been at fitcamp, I am learning more and more that weight loss is a science in some aspects. It is a lot of "calories in, calories out" which Is why we have been keeping food journals and are required to write down everything we put in our mouth. Also, logging the exercise can be helpful. One of the biggest rules of eating here is you must eat protein with a carbohydrate but you can eat protein alone. This is supposed to help with insulin issues and promote weight loss though increasing metabolism. I do not weigh in until Sunday so I will post then.

  4. I actually lost 1.5 lbs! I have had an emotional week, but have really been thinking about what I'm eating. I'm really proud of myself for not running to the kitchen every time I got upset :) Only 37.5 lbs to go, and I'll be hot! Thanks for the accountability and motivation to just do it :)

  5. I have not lost or gained anything. I haven't really tried to lose anything yet. So, watch out when I do. LOL

  6. I am down two pounds this week!! I am extrememly exhausted.... this was the first full five day week back to work with students, open houses etc.... I am so ready for this three day weekend!!! Happy Labor Day!!!

  7. Ok, I did my weigh in today and then flew home to California. I lost a total of 12 pounds and a ton of inches. Definetly a good jump start for hot for the holidays! I had my cheat day today and started throwing out the food that I will not be eating! I will do my grocery shopping tomorrow and get right back onto the healty eating program. Thanks for rooting for me!


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