FTF Results and Winner!


What an interesting week this has been!

I've made it to the flip-side by the way and am sitting at home on my cushy little couch blogging from the comfort of my own home. What a long drive! There were crying babies and a little ruckus in the Cracker Barrel, but we made it. That's neither here nor there.

Back to Fat Ticker Friday!

So, week two and we're having our ups and downs! Here are the numbers:

The overall loss was 78.3 pounds! Woohoo!

But....(and there's always a but, isn't there?)

The overall gain was 22.4 pounds...

So, that makes the grand total for this week, for the big ticker:


Ok, so there were a few gains. So what. I was actually pretty surprised to post a loss for myself during birthday week and post TOM week, if we're being honest here. But let's stay the course everyone! Whatever you do, stay in the game! We can do this, we really can!!!

Now, to the winner.

The winner of the "Body Art Cookbook" is Lori at Finding Radiance! Congrats to you!

And...this week's "biggest loser" is Holly at Mihomipa Family Blog with an amazing 7 pound loss! Wow! Here is your badge!!

* * *
I have some fun stuff lined up for Monday (Monday's Motivation) so make sure you check back! And feel free to grab badges for your weightlosses here! Have a great weekend! WWBD!
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  1. happy weekend and I cant wait for MOTIVATION MONDAY!

  2. Congrats Lori and Holly!

    Have a great weekend everyone.


  3. Thank you!! I am excited to win the drawing! I never win anything LOL!

    ( javaqueen01 at yahoo dot com )

  4. This Hot for the Holidays has really keep me focused! Thanks again for doing it! The prizes are awesome but for me the real prize is getting to wear a smaller size and know that I had to be a "grown ass woman" and make good choices! Gotta love this blog!

  5. Too bad we didn't have the weigh in this morning, because I was back to where I was last friday. So do I count those pounds as lost again next week (if I keep them off)? I went for a long 1.8 mile walk yesterday, that must have helped!


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