Hot for the Holidays: The Premiere

Hot for the Holidays is officially under way! Wow! Welcome! I'm so glad you're here and you're doing this with me. Safety in numbers!

My confession is as follows: I finished off my "badness" in style with a medium sweet cream ice cream with Oreos and peanut butter cups from Cold Stone Creamery, my favorite, and for the most part, now off limits as of midnight. Until I am to the point of maintenance, that is, where I can institute a more "moderation" rule. Which will be in December. Or else. The positive spin, however, is that I did run 4 miles early in the morning. And I didn't want to die afterward! In fact, I loved every minute of it! Except for running in between not one, but two lakes with "Beware of the Alligators" signs on them so I was pretty freaked out and picked up the pace while neurotically looking around on both sides of me to make sure there were none around waiting to eat me.

As for the challenge, there will be a few installations here at Baby Tea Leaves every week for the duration of Hot for the Holidays. "Motivation Monday", when I will announce the prize for the coming week, and also for, you guessed it! Motivation. Because we shall all need it at some point, so come back and share it with the rest of us if you're on that motivational high. And if you need it, hopefully you can find it here each Monday.

Then, of course, there will be Fat Ticker Fridays. Weigh in by leaving your pounds lost in the comments. Please do not be ashamed if you gain! We are all about honesty here. If you're not honest with us, you can't be honest with yourself, and if you're not honest with yourself then no one wins. We're a team here! I don't know about you, but I have a feeling that 500 pound pot is going to be CRUSHED! I just have a really good feeling. Friday night I will announce the random prize winner is (weighing in enters you into the random drawing) along with our grand total loss for the week! It's helpful if you have your own post with your progress on Fridays too, and I will also have a linky up so everyone can visit everyone else! And please do!

Each day, I will have a basically empty post up, which will be the daily "how are we doing" forum. I'll start it off, but it will always be there no matter what else I am posting for that day, so please, feel free to rant, rave, brag, whatever! It's an open conversation.

All of this being said, let's get to the first prize!!! This week's prize is a combo platter meant to inspire:
-A collectible Starbucks mug with the fitting message, "My Journey Begins Today"
-A $20 Starbucks giftcard hopefully to procure healthy beverages like green tea or "skinny" lattes --hint hint.
-An inspirational necklace of your choice from my etsy shop: Inspire Me Chic. I personally wear the one that says "Focus" and yes, it helps me. It is my rock. Good luck this week!

And sorry music-on-the-blog haters! I brought it back, for now. If you're interested in songs for a workout playlist, some of my favorites are the little I-Pod below on the bottom of my blog, so feel free to check it out. I am an IPod-during-a-run gal because I need something to save me from my own head. I love to run and rock out. And by the way I have recently discovered that my singing isn't as silent as I once thought, and it's actually kind of creepy. Turns out it's a heavy-breathing, loud whispering "rock out" while all along I thought I was just mouthing the words. This only seems to be a problem on a public treadmill (where I've noticed people on either side of me moving down and I had no idea why!) That's neither here nor there.

So besides working on some fitness this week, I have a side-challenge, if you will. Something to think about this week as you're working out and trying to get through each day. The question or questions, really, are:

What do you want your legacy to be? Or rather, what is it about yourself that you want to be known for? And do you think you've accomplished that so far in your life? Are you the person you want to be? If not, how will you get there?

You can answer this in your Friday post (and when you sign the linky, we can all come by and read it.)

If you need some tips for success, I posted some on Friday here. And feel free to add yours!

Good luck this week everyone!!

"Never stop. One stops as soon as something is about to happen." -Peter Brock
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  1. Yay for the start! I'm in, I'm geared up, and I'm eating the last my crazy badness tonight until my free day on Friday. I'll add the banner to my blog and keep checking back in here instead of posting progress on my blog, so I hope that's still cool. You know how I am (kind of). I totally love the first prizes a lot, a lot, a lot. And I'm addicted to the soy latte. So yummy and a little sweet even without sweetener - that's my tip of the day. ;)

    Alligators? Seriously? They come up on land for ankle snacks? You get extra points for that. Wow.

  2. I'm still on the fence as to whether or not I'll be joining you for this one.. I want to, but I'm not sure I'll stick to anything!

  3. what a splendid and novel idea. i'll pop in every friday with my weight. but i'm waaaay far away, think in kg's not pounds and hubby may kill me if i go on a diet. i just want to loose 3kg's so that the skinny jeans are a little more loose... this morning we started being walked by the dogs again since the morning air has lost its bite and the sun is gracing us with its presence a little earlier. i hope this is all okay?????

  4. Yay indeed! I've been waiting for this. Let's get this party started.

  5. started!!! I'll think of the questions this week so I can answer them on Friday. I weighed myself this morning. It wasn't pretty. Hopefully Friday it will be better. Till then.

    Meg from Lower Alabama

  6. I am so excited to do this! I'm off to the gym! ;o)

  7. Rock on! I'm ready to go this morning. We celebrated hubby's birthday last night (it's actually tomorrow), so I pigged out while I could. And I still lost a pound this morning. Yeehaw.

  8. I, too, pigged out this weekend! Kiddo and I are headed to the gym this morning! I sure hope I have at least an lb lost for Friday's weigh-in. Good luck, gals!

  9. Ooh I am in. Just read about this on Dawns blog. I was going to start on the 15th myself. This will be way more fun.

  10. I'm in baby (doing a booty dance, hoping some fat falls off)!

  11. Yay! We have begun. I went to the Y this morning and got a good walk in, also weighed myself this morning so I know my starting point. It helps to know that when you want to know how much you've lost, doesn't it?

    I'm an iPod listener too. During this challenge I'm going to learn how to swim, one activity where I won't be able to listen to my iPod.

  12. oh i am so excited! the prizes are just the motivation i need to get to christmas. a few weeks ago i set myself a goal to lose 20lbs in 20 weeks (the 20th week being dec 23rd). anyway, that is a long time to keep myself motivated so this is just perfect for me!

    oh and i can't wait to make some new bloggy friends!

  13. Doh! I've had a mis-start or something. I stepped on the scale today and... oh HECK!

    Fabulous @ 50

  14. I'm in, I'm in - here's my first post on the subject and I look forward to coming back on Friday!

  15. I'm in and so happy to find you all! I think this is just the "kick in the pants" that I needed. The only thing worse than being newly single at the age of 44 is being newly single and weighing 200 pounds! Oh yes, I'm ready to be HAAAAWWWWT!

  16. It's finally here! I am excited to get out there and lose some weight!

  17. I am in! I have been slacking a bit since I sprained my ankle and then got an e-mail from Jimmy Moore of Living La Vida Low Carb blog who I attended Fitcamp with. He forwarded a note from a girl who had recently found the series and You Tube videos he had produced and got inspired to quit making excuses and start an exercise and weight loss program. At that point, I realized that I was making excuses for my not going to the gym and felt super guily and then I got off my butt and went to the gym. I did a whole hour of cardio, swam and had my eating free day. Now that that is done, (I had cheesecake and it was good!) I packed a healthy lunch and started fresh. I gained back two pounds of my twelve so I need four more good gym days this week to lose them. That is my goal.

    As for your question, I want to be known as a person who was willing to go out of their way for others and made a positive difference in the world.
    Gotta Run,
    Lets get hotter ladies!

  18. I would like to think that I have started this challange with a bang!!! I did work out today and watched what I ate!!! YAY!! We are finally on our way to being hot for the holidays! Thanks again for sponsoring such a fun and friendly challenge!!!

  19. Lisa @ Stop Eating All The ChocolatesMonday, September 08, 2008

    I'm ready to go! But, when I first signed up, I gave you my other blog name rather than the one that focuses on my weight-loss attempts.

    So, instead of Stop and Smell the Chocolates, it's my other blog Stop Eating All The Chocolates ( Sorry about that!

    Thanks so much for doing this - fun! I'll be back on Friday to weigh in.

  20. Crap. I forgot. Didn't weigh in today. Sure as heck not going to do it now, at 9:02pm! Tomorrow??? Sigh. One day behind...story of my life.

  21. Okay first thing tomorrow I'm off to buy a scale. Mine is in a box somewhere on a truck. Woohoo! I'm ready!

  22. Joining in and will reply to your email about prizes ;)

  23. it starts today. whoo-hoo!!!!

  24. UGH! I stepped on that scale this morning and it bit me! I'm so grateful we don't have to post our weight.

  25. No worries, I did the Cold Stone thing last Sunday night. For as guilty as I felt, it didn't end up doing much harm :) The stuffed pizza, on the other hand...

  26. Yay..I am so happy that this is going on and I am right on time..Good Luck to us all! I am sick at the moment, so i am sure that this will help with the weight loss portion, due to the fact that well, I don't want to eat anything but chicken broth!

    Can't wait to see what happens Friday!

  27. Wow I haven't checked in for a while and thank goodness I did today! I've been waiting for this. I'd really love to average 1-2 lbs a week.
    What do I want to be remembered for? That's a really good question I can't answer yet.
    I STILL don't have a blog, are nonbloggers still invited? (please!)

  28. I'm so happy this has started. I have set myself a goal of 30 pounds before Christmas. I think I should be able to achieve it as long as I stick to it. I just need motivation and a check in point that I have to stick to. Good Luck to everyone. I hope we all reach our goals.


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