The Letter "A"

Since Poops was teensy tinesy we have had letters around. The foam letters you stick on the bathtub, the floor mat puzzley thingies with the letters in them, cookie cutter letters... we play with them like they're Weeble Wobbles or Power Rangers, whatever. I would hold them up and tell him what they were not expecting him to remember but hoping he would. And for the longest time he wouldn't. But one day he did. He started to tell me what they were and I was amazed. You think nothing's getting in but really it is.

So I've been following the lead of Mozi Esme' who does letter crafts every week with her little girl. (She's so inspiring!) I am doing them too now, one or two projects a day. The goal for me is to teach him what the letters "say"now that he knows their names already. This week we did "A".
For "Art". A little tempura paint and a canvas and voila! You have art.

"A" grilled cheese sandwiches made from letter cookie cutters I bought (and love) from Williams Sonoma long long ago.
An "A" coloring book I made from printouts from a couple pre-school web sites. I'd love to have a library of all his letter coloring books when we get to "Z".
An anchor we cut out and a construction paper chain. This actually was a double-duty craft. The anchor was for the letter A. But the little linkies had a purpose. Each link represented a day that daddy was away on a trip. Each morning we would ceremoniously take a link off (he did this quite vigorously and grandly too! Boy did he miss his daddy!) and on the very last day we took off the last one which meant daddy was coming home. He was so. happy.
Ants out of egg cartons, wiggly eyes, pipe cleaners and little puffy balls (which became kitty playthings and now the little puffballs are scattered about). And we sang the, "The ants go marching one by one hurrah! hurrah!" song. And ate these:
"Ants on an apple boat" is what we called them. Peanut butter on thinly sliced apples with raisins (ants) on top. Pretty yummy snack actually!
We also painted a little wooden airplane. Which also helped with the daddy-being-gone thing because daddy had to ride the "air-pane" to "Jer-nee" (Germany).

* * *

The things I didn't think up on my own I got from (and thank you!!!): Mozi Esme, Everything Preschool, DLTK's Educational Activities for Kids, and First-SchoolPreschool Activities and Crafts.
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  1. I LOVE that anchor idea!

    And letter cookie cutters can come in handy with so many things - wish I had a set!

  2. um..ok. You just surpassed me in the mom twin catagory. ha ha. Crafts, two a day? Wow! That is way more impressive than my daily grind! :) You are now super mom material!

  3. Definitely inspiring. Next week, my daughter is doing letter "A" at her preschool. I think these would be great support activities for home. Thanks for the suggestions:-)

  4. can you say HOMESCHOOL????? lol!!!

  5. And I too will be borrowing these activities when my son is old enough to enjoy them. At least you kept yourself busy while your husband was out of town... we all know how badly you wanted to take that trip with him! Looks like it was worth staying home!


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