Motivation Monday + Prize + Question O' Week

Good morning!

I hope everyone stayed strong this weekend!

We had a couple a birthday parties and I partook (is that a word) in some cake but only a bite or a sliver. I did miss my long run today because I stayed out wayyy past my bedtime Saturday night and I woke up a little too late to go on the run in the Florida sun so I will have to do it today. Scratch that. I must do it today.

So I'm wondering. Are you in a plateau? Are you stuck in a rut? Are you working out but not seeing results? I am not in any way certified, but I can tell you what worked for me when I was stuck.

A few years ago I lived in Salt Lake City and I had put on a few pounds. I was actually right where I am now. I decided to train for a 5k which I had never done before and the plan called for running 4 days a week. So I was running 4 days a week and logging at least 10 miles a week (which is not a lot for some people but it was for me!), sometimes more depending on the length of my runs. I was doing this for WEEKS and nothing was coming off. NOTHING! And I was miffed because I was running 2 and 3 miles at a time and for me, that was a lot!

And so I got to talking to a trainer at my gym one day and he tweaked my workout schedule by adding weights to the mix on the days I wasn't running. Boy did that help! I was running Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and weight training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I would do two days of legs and one of arms, then the next week I'd do two days of arms and one of legs.

My body changed within weeks. No joke. He looked at me a couple weeks later and said, "See?"

I moved back to Florida and after my first baby, I got back into the gym working out three days a week and eating well. Months later, I hadn't lost a thing. Nada. Again. I added another day and still, nada. Finally what worked was 5 and 6 days alternating weights with cardio. Again. So what I learned was that three days of working out a week was good for me to maintain, but to actually lose weight? Yep. It required more work.

Of course, different things work for different people, but I, my uncertified self, highly recommend adding weights to the mix if you haven't already. Read here for more insight on the topic and enjoy!

That being said, let's stay strong this week! Make the healthy choices. The ones that will further you to your goal, not deter you. Because we are "strong ass women" and we are empowered to do it. You and you alone are in charge. Not food. Not time. Not other people. You.

So, here's the question(s) of the week and you can write a post about it (or not) but if you do, let us know on Friday, either in the comments or the linky so we can all visit each other!

We've been doing a lot of thinking about where we are in life and what we want to do in our life, so this week we're going to do a photo essay of sorts. Take pictures of the following things and you can have any interpretation you want:

1. Someone or something that inspires you.

2. Something that you love to do.

3. Something that makes you crazy.

4. Something healthy in your life.

Now: onward to the prizes! This week's prize comes to us from Doodlebug Designs. Wonderful, wonderful Judi, who designed my blog and I love her. She's offering a free blog makeover to the lucky winner of Friday's drawing!! Woohoo! Head on over there and take a look at her work, she really is awesome and she will make sure you are 150% happy with your new blog and work tirelessly to make sure of it. So don't forget to weigh-in Friday to be eligible for the drawing!

Oh and here's some new stuff this week: You know how I have daily chatter entries on the blog here? Well I have created a forum for us on one of our sponsor's sites, Runners Lounge. You don't have to be a runner to do this, either. Here's what you do. 1) head over to the site. 2) create a login and all of this is free by the way 3) click on the tab at the top of the Runners Lounge homepage that says "Connect With Runners". 4) Then click on the 2nd option, "Find or Start a Lounge Group". 5)Under "Group Name" type in "HFH" (without the quotes--that's our private discussion name). 6)Click on the forum. And voila! We've got a forum.

On the final and somewhat unrelated note, I'd just like to say goodbye to you, dear Yankee Stadium! I've loved watching you and stepping onto your field where legends have played with passion and blood and sweat and tears. Where millions of people who have loved and hated this team and yet have loved this wonderful game have come together and roared and screamed and cheered. I am so sad you are going. I will miss you!

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  1. Very excited about the forum! I'm going to check it out. But not tonight. My goal is to be in bed by midnight. I've only got 20 minutes left!

  2. I avoid the plateau by having a free day, and so far? It works! I think it confuses the hell out of my metabolism, not sure.

    When a Cubs fan sheds a tear for something Yankees, it's a big deal, and the final game having been played at Yankee Stadium today did touch my heart. And made me hope it never happens to Wrigley.

  3. What great advice and at a perfect time for me! I'm totally plateau-ing right now!! Thanks so much!! I love this HFH's!!!!

    BTW-love your name. Hadn't mentioned that before, but that's my middle name and you spell it the only cool way there is to spell it. . . just like me :)

  4. Thanks for the great advice! I'm still on the track - although we've been eating out at my favorite Greek restaurant yesterday night. I've had my favorite dish, with a huge salad and lots of water. The water and salad helped to feel full so I ate just a few bits of the gyros... and didn't gain. Today there are lots of grapes and water on my plan - and the wii fit as soon as the kids will be sleeping.

    Going to check out the forum now :-)

  5. We had a big dinner yesterday to celebrate our anniversary (a couple of days early) but the scale was still kind this morning so I must have done okay without over indulging!

  6. I've been sick and I think it helped me get over the plateau ;) I know, I know, as soon as I start eating again that weight will come back. But I'm happy for now. And I will take your advice when I can start exercising again. Right now I can't imagine walking, let alone running.


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