We're #2

My softball team made it to the co-ed recreational league "world series" last night. I put it in quotes because it's not really the "world" and not really the "series" it was just one game, but it was the biggest one of the season. And we blew it.

We started with the playoff game. We went into it 6-1. We won the first game by the skin on our chinny chin chin by one run. We played our a$$es off. We were down one girl so we had to take an out every inning that a girl would have been up and we only had three of us in the outfield. I played right field and everyone, I mean everyone, tried to hit it my way thinking since I was the only girl in the outfield I would suck it up. Not so!! I got more balls last night (boy, that sounds funny) than I got all season! Sweet!

Anyway, the second game was awful. Simply awful. Our team is awesome. The guys are homerun hitters, the girls are good (and on most co-ed teams I've played on, it's always been tough to get good girl players) and we just looked like the Bad News Bears. Myself included. Who let a ball go flying right over her head in right field. Something I may have done IN THE SECOND GRADE! EGAD. Then there was the two guys colliding over a ball, the little dribble down the third base line that no one gets because they think it's foul, dropped balls, falling down, and I wish I were kidding.

Anyway, that's the worst type of loss, in my opinion. The one where you should have one, but you beat yourself. Good news because I'm a half-full type-a-gal? I got in one hell of a workout on top of having gone to the gym earlier in the day.

Oh yes, and the house is I'd say, half clean anyway. The big stuff is done. Now I gotta get to folding laundry (gag) and closets and stuff. But thanks for listening to my little rant.

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  1. congrats on a great season! never mind the last game.

  2. ok dareIsayit? the worst type of loss?
    being too wimpy to put yerself out there and join the team (*waves hand*)

    Im so impressed...

  3. Bummer about the game! You're still my hero, though, for playing!


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