Fat Ticker Friday Part Four

Happy Fat Ticker Friday, the fourth edition! How did everyone do this week?

I will weigh in like usual at 8 a.m. and report back.
Grand Total: Up 2. Yep. I saw it coming. Sorry guys, I stink this week. (By the way thank you for all of your encouraging comments. It really does mean a lot. And you're right. I have to refocus my energies on the positive, which are the big, big changes I've made in my life over the past year, not this 2 pound hiccup or whatever it is and stay the course.)
Goal next week: Down 2. Please. Stay the course. Don't get frustrated and then eat wings with ranch dressing while watching the USF game. In fact, I'm so inspired right now to get back on the wagon, I'm going to drop off Poops and school, "Map my run" and do my three-miler with Mini in the jogger.

I have to say, I started out really really strong. I mean really strong. I ran 4 and something miles on Sunday, went to the gym and did legs on Monday and had a very long, involved, couple of softball games Monday night, ran 2 miles Tuesday, did arms and the Wii Fit on Wednesday and then I made the mistake of weighing myself mid-week.

Up. The Goshdarn scale was up. And not like the pounds that you gain and lose every day. UP.

And I cannot understand for the life of me why! And I got really mad. I am really mad. It's one of those things where I think, then why the heck am I doing all this work! I was eating well, doing all the things I normally do. And it's not TOM either. So what the heck? Could my body be clinging on to this final 12 for dear life? Could it be because I'm still nursing? Why why why!!!

So that's my update. I'm darn mad. Talk me out of it, please. I read a quote and I'm going to have to pound this one home in my head but it was a quote by the great Hank Aaron and since I'm feeling all baseball-y these days (we're going to the Rays-White Sox playoff game tonight!! Weeee!) I'm going to equate it to my life:

"My motto was always to keep swinging. Whether I was in a slump or feeling badly or having trouble off the field, the only thing to do was keep swinging." - Hank Aaron

So I guess that's just what I'll have to do. I feel like I'm in a slump. And we're only 4 weeks in. Help!

Enough about me. How are you??? How did you do???

What was your "push it" moment? Did you have one??

I had a few this week. When I lifted this week, I did reps of 12 instead of 10, which doesn't sound like a big deal but that's six whole more lifts and there was sweating and straining and whatnot going on and it hurt. In a good way.

When I ran my four miles on Sunday, my "push it" moment came when I was done with my four miles and was still about a third of a mile from home. But time was running out and ticking away from my time to get ready for us all to go out for the day (we had a big day of many stops planned) and so I ran the rest of the way and it hurt. But I killed two birds with one stone. I kicked it up a notch, and I had more time to shower because I didn't walk home.

But my best "push it" moment came at the end of our playoff softball game on Monday. This game was to see who was going to the final championship game.

We were tied 4-4 in the bottom of the 7th. We had one out. I was up. I hit the ball to short, he turned to second and got that person out. I saw them going for the double play. I hauled a**. I ran like I never ran before. Another out would have meant extra innings and a possible loss. But: I was safe. And the runner on third made it home. We won. That was my moment.

What was yours?? Link it up and tell us all!
* * *


Who wants to win a prize??? Runner's Lounge is this week's sponsor and the prize is an autographed running book and a Runner's Lounge tee! So let's get started!! Since I am going to the playoff game tonight and not getting home until late, I will post the results and the prize winner tomorrow morning. I hope you did better than me!!
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  1. Hang in there!

    Eventually the scale will register all your hard work! Maybe you are building up some muscles and that's why you gained?!?

    I worked my buns off this week, and I am not sure I am going to lose much either!

  2. I lost nothing. But I didn't gain either. Better luck next week to me.
    You hang in there! I'm sending you big hugs and good weight loss thoughts.

  3. if you upped your reps maybe you gained muscle weight? look at the whole picture, not just loosing weight, you have so much more energy, your spirit is lifted, you feel better. and you're a hot momma!
    "keep swimming, keep swimming!" -Dori

  4. Something to remember is that one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. So you really have to burn more than you eat otherwise it just cancels out. There is an actual equation that you can use to figure out where you need to be. It takes the average person 3-5 days to lose one pound. So don't get discouraged. Keep up all the hard work. In the end you want to be healthy and toned. It takes a little gain to lose a lot. I will post my loss tomorrow after my last ditch workout which really isnt going to make much difference right away but I can hope.

  5. I gained last week when I was sure that I would lose. Sometimes it just doesn't happen when I expect, but then, boom, overnight one night, a couple pounds drop all at once. I don't understand completely, but I do love the quote you posted, and I do believe that if I keep going, I'll get there to where I want to be. Plus, yours could be muscle. For me there is no chance since I'm doing the lazy version just eating according to plan and walking, but you are actually exercising for realz, the kind of stuff that builds muscle, which weighs something. Even if you don't have a loss in the morning, you know that you will by next week, right? Keep going. You are doing awesome.

    I'll post again later with my weight change, but I just wanted to remind you now that you are awesome instead of waiting. :)

  6. I'm down .5 a pound this week. Dang TOM!

  7. I'm down 1.3 pounds. But in all honesty I underate several days this week. Not on purpose, just from being on the go with work. I wish I could tell you what to do but you're definitely a lot more active than me (I only cycle 30-40 minutes a few days a week and walk a mile and a half to and from work 3 days). I'm still at the point where it comes off fairly easy as long as I don't chow down on a box of Ho Ho's for dinner every night.
    But maybe your clothing fits better or you feel good. That's just as good, isn't it?

  8. I lost 0.6 pounds. Not much, but I´m ok with it, considering I didn´t get any exercise in this week.
    And I got to finally put up the "5 lost" button! How exciting!

    I don´t know if I understood it wrong, but I did that photo essay you talked about last week. I hope that´s ok.

  9. I say:
    hang in there as this is indicative of a BIG LOSS NEXT WEEK


    muscle weighs far more than fat. you are working your arse off and adding muscle to your frame.


    xo xo,


  10. Here is what you need to remember:
    you- now
    you- one year ago
    wow! Look at how much you have changed, how much you are exercising, taking care of much better you look and feel.
    That should be enough friend!
    I am proud of you and your big exercise posse you got going on here!

  11. Down 2.0 since last Friday, which seems surprising considering the birthday cake and meal!

  12. I had a better week this week. I would like to thank everyone who visited my weight loss blog and gave me those great words of encouragement. Those words mean more than you can ever know.

    weight loss- 1.5 :)!!!


    Remember what you told me. Every week your body does what it wants. Next week you will leave us in the dust.

  13. Hang in there, Christy! There will always be ups and downs... and the mean mean MEAN ups mostly happen when you don't expect them. It's the total loss that counts!

    Like Meg says, you will leave us in the dust next week. :-)


    P.S.: This week I'm down 1.5 pounds, which is a grand total of -5 since we started.
    I'm definitely not looking forward to the upcoming week - I'm pms-y already *sigh*. That ususally means I can do whatever I want to... I will find a pound here and there... and lose it again the week thereafter :-)

    The push it moment is posted, too.

  14. Morning,

    I had a pretty good week! Last week was my first week of Weight Watchers and I starved (or so it felt like) every day!! This week was better!!

    Christie, don't get too down on yourself! They always tell me that muscle weighs more, so maybe keep track of your measurments as well as the scale. You may go up in pounds but still loose inches!!!

    Everyone is doing an awesome job!!!

  15. Christie - the scale will follow you at some point. Extra exercise = water retention, and that may hang around for a while (believe me!!). At some point, it will drop, so don't despair!

    I actually had movement on the scale this week since midweek and for the first time in a couple weeks.

    Down 1/2 pound! I started calorie cycling to see if I could shake things up. We will see.

  16. I lost 4.5 lbs for a total of 7.5 lbs since Week 1. I'm very surprised I lost so much. I drank lots of water so I'm sure that helped flush things out. We went to the zoo on Saturday which meant lots of walking up big hills while carrying at least one of the kids so I think that started the week out right. I'm thinking next week I either won't lose much or will gain but we'll see!

    Christie, you don't stink! There will probably be weeks where all of us either gain or stay the same. I'm glad you're heading out for your run! As others have said, you probably gained muscle. And just so you know, whether you gain or lose you're an inspiration for me. This challenge is probably the only reason I'm sticking with the weight loss at this point!

  17. I'm a big zero this week.
    Aaah, just not feeling it ;(

  18. Hang in there - I know how you feel. I went up 5 pounds last weekend on the Breast Cancer 3day!!

    I lost 3 of it this week, but still up 2. STINK!!!!

    I hate that I worked so hard adn was VERY aware of everything I put in my mouth and still gained so much weight. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!?!?!

  19. Okay I'm going with the gain muscle theory. I kicked up my game this week and have a .1 lb. gain to report. My jeans fit better, so I'm happy.

    For those of us who gained, don't stress. Next week will be better!

  20. I'm down 2 pounds!

    I empathize with your gain this week. I hate those times when we work so hard and feel so good about what we've done but then the scale moves the wrong direction.

  21. I lost 1 lbs. this week. I was happy.

    I do Weight Watchers, and the biggest struggles I have are the weeks I exercise a lot. Remember, even though it sounds ridiculous, the more you exercise, the more you actually need to eat (healthy foods) - otherwise your body goes in to starvation mode.

    I always thought that was a crock - but those weeks of good exercise where I only ate my normal points and didn't eat the extra activity points I earned - I gained. It was so frustrating.

  22. Down .8! I seem to be the Queen of the Small Victory. Slowly, but surely :)

  23. slow and steady...wins the race?! another 2 pounds lost this week for a total of 6 down. i'll take it!


    Worked out everyday, started lifting this week, up .4. BLAH
    Erin P

  25. Firstly, I just want to say what a great job you're doing! I know, you didn't see weight loss this week, but there WILL be weeks like that. With all of the strength training you're doing, you're building muscle. And unfortunately, it weighs more. *wink*. Plus, you're able to do all of your training AND nurse a baby...that's IMPRESSIVE!

    I'm excited to report a 3 lb weight LOSS this week. :-)

  26. I had no idea you are still nursing! I would say that yes your body is holding on to it, in order to produce good milk. Totally stinks! I never lost much weight while nursing - but keep up your hard work you body will reward you . . . eventually! :)

    I'm up .5 :( I have a hard time being motivated when I see this - So I'm going to push it again this week and hope for -2.

    Have a great weekend!

  27. OK, I'm back, and I have good news. Last week I'd gained and then even gained a little more after that, even after sticking to my plan so very well that I wanted to cry but knew it would drop back off, and it did. Technically, I lost 1.8 pounds from last Friday, but since I'm not sure what increments of pounds you are counting, I'll let you pick:

    Lost: 1.8 pounds (or rounded down to 1.75 pounds or rounded up to 2 pounds).

    Next week, I bet you will see yours drop, too, as a result of this week's hard work. The body is an odd thing, but you are standing firm and keeping strong.

  28. I am very excited to report a 1.8 loss. I had a 1.4 gain last week - so I am back down.
    I do the same thing as you. I get really down when I gain. I was quite down last week & truthfully I didn't exercise at all this last week. I did watch what I ate a bit ... but I don't know how the weight came back off. I find that is happening quite often. Our bodies are amazing things! They do what they want :)

  29. I'm down 1.7 this week. Down a total of 4.9 since this started, slow and steady I guess.

    I'm so jealous you're going to a game!!!!!!

  30. I am unchanged this week. +0 -0 . I think that's pretty good considering I had a bladder infection on Saturday, so Saturday and Sunday I didn't eat my 'normal' stuff, and I didn't exercise (I felt too bad to 'bounce' around). And yesterday I even enjoyed a nice lunch with a friend and shared a dessert with my husband. I am down 0.5% in my body fat, though - so that's still progress!!

    By the way - muscle weighs more than fat. After you lose the initial burst of weight (mostly water from the fat breaking apart) it's harder to burn fat, but as you do you also need to gain muscle. So, if you are exercising lots, you're adding that muscle which will help your metabolism! That's still a good thing!!

  31. I am -1 this week.

    I am so with you on the frustration. My weight loss is going so, so slow. I am eating better and exercising WAY MORE than I ever have and my body is just clinging to the weight.

  32. I had an ok week... down 1.5 pounds and I'll take it!

    Have a great weekend!

  33. -3 this week, so I've got a total of 6 pounds lost since the beginning of HFH.

    Christy, I can tell you what I was doing health-wise when Thing 1 was little and Thing 2 was a baby: absolutely nothing! Boy, did that come back to bite me. Hang in there, I know it's frustrating (and a little scary) to backtrack numbers-wise, but I'm willing to bet that you haven't health-wise.

    Hmmm...push it moments? This whole week has felt like a "push it" moment in the other areas, so I was just glad to be able to get in my usual exercise.

  34. Hang in there! When I lost my first 40 I never exercised. Then when I started exercising found it was much harder to lose. Gotta remember that muscle weighs more than that fat coming off. Try to take your measurements and use that data too because you are probably losing inches like a mad woman. I know even though my scale wasn't showing it, my clothes felt much better. My weigh in is on Saturdays so I won't know my final until then, but I linked up with last weeks weigh in which was down one pound. Hope everybody else had a great week.

  35. i have not officially weighed in yet. but i wanted to say that we all tend to fluctuate and being up 2 pounds is not bad. you've been doing really well so i know those will come off easily. i'll be back later w the official weigh in and i still have to post my hfh for this week. i'm slacking. my brain was fried from yesterday lol

  36. Hang in there! I empathize with your gain this week. I've been there many times. Keep your head up!

    I'm down 2 pounds!!

  37. I'm still struggling, but down 0.4 this week. I'm remotivated though!

  38. No loss this week, but no gain either. I've been super down this week and didn't want to get out of bed, much less go to the gym. I know I will feel better if I do start going... but it's not helping right now!

  39. No loss, no gain this week. Stayed the same. I really pushed myself withi the working out this week so I'm also slightly frustrated but I'm thinking it may the whole gaining muscle thing. That's what I'm telling myself so I dont' get discourage.

  40. Stayed the same. I had to really push it today by doing some strength training. I didn't feel like working out but I went ahead and did the Turbo Jam Turbo Sculpt workout with 4 lb hand weights. It was great and I am glad I did it.

    Have a great weekend!

  41. # lbs this week. At this rate I am not going to be hot for the holidays for sure! UGH

  42. I'm up 1lbs this week. So sorry guys! I need to tweek things for this next one.

  43. Down .5 lbs this week.

    I need to check in more often and get the wonderful motivation that's out there to be got!

    I'm in a rush now, but will be back to read everything that Christie has written!

    Christie, you are such a motivation to me! Keep your head up and thanks for the great advice. It's when we gain or stay the same that we need to even be more determined and focused and draw upon those around us that offer support and encouragement! WE CAN DO IT!

  44. i'm back to report that i've posted my hfh and i sucked this week. i didn't lose or gain. *sigh*

  45. down 1.4lbs but I'm sure I gained it back already with the lunch I had. LOL

  46. down 1.2 lbs this week! yeah. i had a loss two weeks in a row!

  47. I have lost 1 more this week for a total of 6. Although, I am forcasting a gain for next week. My hubby has been in London and is bringing me home some good chocolate. I have no self-control when it comes to chocolate.

  48. I'm a big yoyo. Up 3 lbs this week. Gah!!

  49. I'm up a pound this week. *sigh*

  50. You are prob gaining lots of muscle - which is good. Keeping track of weight is great, but if you are working out, you prob should also keep track of inch measurements all around - upper arms, chest, waist, hips, thighs, etc.

    I'm down 0.4 lb., as in 4/10ths of a pound, not to be mixed up with 4 lbs. Long story, which I might post tonight - but I got that digtal scale, and it has been a fighting week not to end up posting a gain! But I managed to win (or rather loose) in the end!

  51. Hello, hello, hello, hello!!!
    Yes, I think I am back for good. As you may have read in my post that I thought I lost on Tuesday... I have been experiencing technical difficulties.... I am here now and that's all that matters so hopefully it is for good!
    It has been a crazy week and half for me... on top of all the switching of cable (which I forgot to cancel so I am paying for two cable services at the moment) I have been sick. I did still work out but now I am extremely tired. I am so tired that I payed for a clam bake for tomorrow and I am not going. Anyway, I think in all the madness I am down one pound for this week!!!!
    I don't even know were to begin as for as updating my blog so bare with me!!!
    And I have tons of reading to catch up on!!!
    Happy to be back!!!! Missed you guys!!!

  52. Maybe you're exercising too much. My sister has a book about finding your ideal weight, etc. The trainer said not to do any cardio for more than half an hour at a time as it causes cortosol to begin to build up in your tissues. That's the stuff that makes it harder to lose and easier to gain.

    Anyway, it's been a tough week for me. I gained 3 pounds from last Friday.

  53. I had stayed the same last week but this week I am DOWN 1 pound!!!! Yeah! I haven't seen this weight in TWO YEARS! I'm so glad I joined this challenge. It appears to be just what I needed. Hang in there to everyone who gained, stayed the same, or just doesn't feel like they are making progress. Baby steps...your hard work WILL show!

  54. I am down 2.8 this week! YEAH! I'm excited!

  55. Lisa @ Stop Eating All The ChocolatesFriday, October 03, 2008

    Hang in there with the weight gain - it WILL come off!

    I lost .5 lbs again this week. At least I'm consistent, I guess.

    That was even with company and eating out, so I am happy about it.

    It would be nice to actually hit 1 lb next week so I could finally get a badge!

  56. Progress for me this week...down 3 pounds!

  57. Hang in there... your body can't hold those extra pounds hostage forever. All that hard work will pay off soon!! :)

    I am down 1.2lbs bringing my total to 2 lbs since we began... baby steps all the way!!!

    Jenn W
    One House Schoolroom

  58. Hey all you hotties!
    I lost 1.5 to 2 pounds this week! I am happy! After not losing, not gaining, I was glad to see some poundage go! I have lost a total of 16 pounds since August 15th. Thats seven weeks! My goal for the month is to be down at least 20 pounds by Halloween! I would prefer 25 but I am setting a goal I know I can achieve. Anything after that is a bonus.

    Christie, you could be holding water. You can eat a big serving of asparagus and that should help with the water if that is the case. I also make sure I drink more water than necessary so my body will be willing to release it.

    Most experts including trainer Jillian Michaels feel that successful weight loss is 1/3 good diet/eating 1/3 expending energy burning calories through exercise and 1/3 lifestyle changes. I have done really good on the eating and lifestyle change part since attending Fitcamp! As for the exercise part, I have gotten a lot more activity in but nothing compared to what I know I can do. I am going to push my workouts this week after my grades are done.

    This contest rocks and thanks for putting it out there. Good luck to everyone this week.

  59. I could come up with tons of excuses. I will not go there. Off the wagon this week, totally!
    I'm up a pound and it's all my fault. Waah! Hopping back on :)


  60. Eep! I'm late! Bad week this week, and I am even. Sigh.


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