HFH: Grab a partner, do-si-do!

So. It's midweek. How we doin so far???

No Maddie to speak of yet. Still waiting... poor sister is busting at the seams.

The kids have colds, I have one brewing but I'm going to ignore it. Mind over matter. I don't have time for this cold, I refuse to acknowledge it.

But it's been a great workout week so far, I did my long run on Sunday, legs and abs on Monday, 30 minutes of Wii Fit and a 2 mile run on Tuesday, and we'll see what today holds and if the kids will be well enough for me to head out to the gym or if I'll workout at home while there are naps going on.

So. I found something cool this week...

Anyone need a virtual workout partner? Anyone?? Bueller??? Because Mizfit is brewing up something really cool over at her place. As in, an accountability partner. A partner in crime. It's like the accountability that we have here in the contest, only one-on-one. Smaller scale. A double-layer, if you will. Security. What is this "accountability partner" I speak of, you ask? She is pairing people up with a buddy and once paired, you guys will become a healthy tagteam. You can e-mail, text, call, whatever. Whatever you both decide once you're paired up. It's supposed to be healthy, but above all, it's supposed to be fun, not all naggy and stuff. You must read all about it here. And if you decide you want in on her fantastic little matchmaking scheme, her e-mail is in that post. I'm doing it! You should too! It's a great idea to keep us going through this whole thing! Safety in numbers! So head on over there!!

Hope everyone's having a great week!
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  1. thanks for sharing this!
    Im not matching up partners until this weekend so there is plenty of time to ponder and join in.

    I so believe in this that I have accountability partners for pretty much each facet of my life from fitness to mamahood :)


  2. WooHoo!! Way to go getting those workouts in there, even with sick kiddies at home!

    I have one & it's rough getting in my workout even though it's well! lol... But we workout together which is cool.

    Another site, not sure if it's been mentioned before, that I use daily is called

    Talk about accountability!! It's free to all & you get to track food, fitness, has tons of information on health, wellness & exercise & you can join teams.

    Right now I'm in a 12 week BL challenge with one of the teams (and that's just 1 of many). It's pretty cool because you have an entire team holding you accountible to getting those workouts in there & getting to your goal weight.

    Just thought I'd share - I love that website & like I mentioned. It's free!! lol...

  3. i am having a great weight loss week this week... :-)

    but both of my kids are sick and on meds and i have my own cold a brewing! ugh.


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