Yama Hama Recipe Roundup

I couldn't help myself. Last week's Show and Tell made for such a fun Fat Ticker Friday with everyone sharing their recipes and tips, like balance ball workouts, and the Leslie Sansone Walking DVD and all sorts of other goodies, and if you hadn't gotten a chance to pop around and take a lookie, the linky is still up on last week's FTF post, so click away! But mostly for my benefit for everyone's benefit I figured I'd put all the recipes in one place because there really are a lot of great ones. So if you get a chance, check them out, print away, whathaveyou, and have yourself a very Happy Halloween-eve! Don't forget this week we're sharing dress-up photos, so dress something up -- you, Fido, the kiddo, or venture off the beaten path like I am (I think it's time for a Peep Photo Shoot if you know what I mean and if you don't that's ok too, it's kinda my thing so you'll have to stay tuned...)

Anyway, here we go, healthy or at the very least, healthyish recipes for all:

-Me with: Pumpkin Muffins and Spanish Chicken in the crock pot
-Tameka at 105 Goals in 1005 Days mentioned a crock pot oatmeal that rocks -- she normally googles the recipe when she needs it and so I did that and found one on RecipeZaar so check this one out (I'll be trying it myself!)
-Dena at SunEGrl Loves to Shop tipped us off about a chicken breast enchilada-sauce extravaganza in which I totally had a "Duh!" moment because it's so simple I should've thought of it, but I'm glad she did!
-Jessi at Table for 4 has recipes for Bourbon Chicken, and Pumpkin Spice Muffins
-Lisa at Stop Eating all the Chocolates has an entire category dedicated to healthy recipes, like pumpkin bread, easy Chicken Tetrazzini, Parmesan Chicken and Rice, etc. etc.
-Danielle at Alberts Family shared a yummy ground turkey and rice concoction of hers and I am totally into concoctions so yes, I'll be trying that too...
-And Maggie at Maggie's Mind and her Quinoa Mexi-6 Layer that yes, I have tried, and yes, it is YUM!

Have I missed one? Do share the link in the comments and I'll stick it right up here with the others!
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  1. Thanks for putting these all together and for including mine! Can't wait to try some others.

  2. Mmm, much yummy to love! So glad you loved the quinoa recipe. I thought it was pretty good, but I like the Tamale Pie one that I tried better (it's on my blog somewhere if you do a search - still healthy, too, of course!), so I'd recommend it for comparison.

    I'm kind of off and on this week as things start to heat up and get nutty and stressful, but I'm also pretty much about the weight I want to be, so if I do the couple pounds up and then back down dance until the end of the crazy chapter, I call it purty gud. :) Can't wait to try some of the other yummies, though!

  3. Yes, thanks for posting these recipes (and thanks for the bloggy love, too). I LOVE collecting/trying new recipes. And I've been meaning to try I'll definitely be trying Maggie's recipe.

  4. Thanks for doing the leg work in putting all these yummy recipes in one place!!! Like I said, my son can't eat big boy food yet but I'm practicing... so I will be trying some of these!!! You go girl!!

  5. Thanks for all the recipes! Every Friday I post a "Five Point Friday" with a recipe that is 5 points or less with Weight Watchers. You can find it at and click on Five Point Friday from my catergories on the right. Enjoy.


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