Monday Monday

Well, we did it.

We left the kids with my parents this weekend and they survived. My parents, that is.

Had I just turned on the monitor to hear the gentle "ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" of the white noise, I might have gotten over the silence. Wish I'd have thought of that before.

But it was really tough having someone watch them and then remaining at home in an empty house. This was a wakeup call for me, a terrible glimpse into my future as an empty-nester. I can just picture it now. Turns out I'm not one of the "Can't wait till they leave" parents.

But besides the awful silence, my husband and I had a nice anniversary weekend and even tried not to call my parents that much to check in. We got all gussied up and had a nice dinner out at a spanish restaurant and I know you're supposed to splurge on your anniversary, but I was a little disappointed paying $18 for a pitcher of sangria that turned out to be half the batch and not even remotely as good as the one I made (for a quarter of the price) that was sitting in the fridge for the husband-wife afterparty when we got home.

I guess that should make me feel good though. (Just call me Sangria Master.)

And isn't it funny that when you have the opportunity to sleep in (for the first time in almost a year...), your eyes keep popping open before 8 o'clock on their own accord and outrightly refuse? I want to know how that works. Is that Murphy's Law? So we were up and at 'em pretty early and decided to get our 9 mile run out of the way Saturday instead of Sunday. Which was actually a really great run until the very very end when I stopped, felt like I was going to pass out for a second (11 on the F* Me scale -- which went down to a 0 about 15 minutes later which is progress.) But we survived and now next week, we're onto double digits. Our 10 mile run.

Why am I doing this again?

I need gentle reminders.

Oh yes, because I want to be strong and fit and agile and happy and I want to know my limits and continue to push them.

I think I'm definitely achieving the latter half of that, and I'm getting there on the first part.

Finally, how is it that I have a whole day to myself in an empty house and decide instead of doing splurge-y things like manicures and spa days (although I did get my hair reblonded), I must clean the house from top to bottom? At least I can say I had a clean house though. Which lasted all of 10 seconds because it's a pigsty again.
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  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! I feel so much better when the house is clean. It's sad when cleaning the house in peace is exciting!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary! We are looking forward to our 20th this spring! Don't blink, you will be this far before you know it!

    I have emailed you twice about winning the necklace, and I am just worried that my emails are going to your junk filter or something because I haven't heard back.

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! And good on you that you and the hubby had a weekend alone!!! I am a firm believer of daddy/mommy time and see nothing wrong with the kids (my child) sleeping over grandma and grandpa's. My problem is that I really only have on set of grandparents that will do sleepovers and those grandparents just so happen to have very demanding jobs (high school principal) and are very busy. So needless to say, sleepovers are few and far between but we will take them! How old is your youngest?? And how did the sleepover go?

  4. Glad you had a nice anniversary. I'm sure you'll be ready once the kids are fully grown to be an empty nester - as we have yet to go through the teen years where we may want to leave THEM in the nest and go running screaming. Oh - no I'm actually looking forward to it all. I love all the stages. Okay I'm babbling.

    Just thought I would stop by as I've been a lazy blogger lately. Glad to see all is well over here!

  5. Awww - glad you had a good anniversary, though I imagine you were glad to see the kids again! Nothing like absence to make you realize how much you love them...

  6. I wish I could have the family out of the house so I could clean all day. Wow glad you has some time.


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