The Inaugural Mantra Monday!

Helloooooo!!!! (La la laaaa....)

Welcome to the first edition of the Mantra Monday meme! (Mantra Monday: Because I need a heaping cup of piping hot harmony in the morning to get me through the week....)

If you're joining me in this quest for zen throughout your life I'm glad you're here. And if you're wondering what the heck is Mantra Monday, here's the deal.

For me, this week is going to be about two little words.


I'd like to think it's good thing sometimes for me to hold in my initial reactions. And not just for me. For everyone. Because last week was a bit challenging for me despite my grandious post about Being Present, of which, by the way, I continually go back to in my mind. Of course, keeping a hard copy of it with me at all times might be just a little more effective...(but that's something to think about.)

But for now it's Serenity Now! Because sometimes I just have to air my personal grievances in a non-violent manner, like through writing. And I will tell you why...

-After chasing an almost three-year-old around the house to put his pajamas on (because this is soooooo fun! Ok, I admit that it can be kind of cute, and even kind of funny, but only for the first half hour...) and finally getting him to stand still to actually put them on, said toddler/pre-schooler rears back and hocks a giant loogie (why! why why why!!!! And by the way, I'd like to note that I had to look up the correct spelling of loogie because I started out with "loogy" and then "lugey" but found eventually googled and found this) that not only lands in mommy's face but sprays all over mommy's arms and legs, erupting such a wave of violence in mommy from within that could only be vented by (calmly) putting down the pajamas and walking out of the room muttering angrily to the daddy in a voice that could only mean that mommy is about to blow her top in another room, "You deal with it,"... (Funny how I can take the poop and the spit-up -- but the actual loogie. Barf.)

Serenity Now.

-And when boy kitty cat, despite having reproductive surgery, always finds himself "in the mood," meaning that pretty much anything is fair game. Including soft blankets, my favorite post-shower towel wrap, pillows, stuffed animals and my poor, poor, elderly girl kitty cat who is, these days, mostly confined to the dining room chair. Because if she gets down to go tinkle or (heaven forbid) eat, boy kitty cat decides to send her his love, and all I hear is kitty feet scrambling and terrible growling and hissing until boy kitty cat gets the message. So when I hear this sound (which also erupts violent feelings inside of me) and see big soft blankets or my towel wrap dragged out into the middle of the living room floor because I know it was the object of boy kitty cat's affection...

Serenity Now.

-And when, on a Saturday morning, I've been up since 4 with a migraine that makes me thrash around in bed with a hot rice sock on my head, thinking the following: I can't get comfortable, this pounding is ridiculous, I want to bash my head in, stop snoring next to me the noise is UNBEARABLE, everything is too loud, it's too hot in here, I can't think it hurts to think, won't this ever end -- THIS TINY LITTLE GREEN LIGHT ON THE MONITOR IS TOO BRIGHT!

Serenity now.

-And when the floor is barely dry because I have mopped it (for the 100th time this week), and the kids are eating lunch and the little one starts picking pieces off food off his plate and dropping them, one by one, onto the clean floor, all the while looking at me, waiting for a reaction, which by the way he does not get, and then when realizing he's not getting reaction he is looking for, dumps entire plate of food on said floor...

Serenity now.

-And when I hear screaming from the other room because I know one boy either took a toy from the other one, hit the other one, knocked down the other one, bashed the other one in the head with a car, truck or train, or ran one of them over with a ride-on car/train/motorcycle...

Serenity now.

There. I feel better now. How bout you? I actually feel a zen-like warmth surrounding me now, encasing me, whispering to me, "There there, dear. Alllll better."

And by the way, you must remember "Serenity Now" from the Seinfeld days, right? Kramer and George's dad both try anger management by calmly saying, "Serenity Now" instead of otherwise completely losing it... But if you got a few extra minutes, here it is. A montage, if you will, of "serenity now." Hi.Lar.ious! Happy Mantra Monday! Link it up if you're participating!

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  1. Scary how close that sounds to my last week! Practicing patience is my goal. I have a short fuse. So far so good, but it's only Monday.

  2. I'm a total copy-cat this week: my mantra is "just 'tri' it." Still "tri"-ing to register for my tri-of-choice in September but the web site won't let me. :-/ Guess I should switch to "serenity now?"

  3. I was out of town from Friday until Monday. Next week I will be sure to join.

    meg from lower alabama


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