Quest for Greatness, the Final Chapter

I will never ever say that I my personal quest for greatness is over, but it appears as though most of us have completed our challenges and have found successes. Hurrah!
While we have not lost that much weight, we have continued to move and become fitter and have greatly improved our endurance. What was once impossible, now is not. And I think that's greatness.

Don't you?

So this Friday will be the official final Fat Ticker Friday of the Quest for Greatness and in honor of your participation, there are prizes involved, from our friends at CrossFit, the fitness website dedicated to mixing it up.

Because you're not supposed to have a routine. (Did you know that?) Your body is way too smart for that. It adapts. So every day, CrossFit posts a challenging workout for you and if you do their daily workouts, your body doesn't have a chance at remembering and plateauing. More on that later, but for now, the good stuff. Have you participated in the Quest for Greatness?

If you have, leave a comment Friday on Fat Ticker Friday, wrapping up your fitness over the past 12ish weeks and you'll get a tee-shirt from CrossFit. There is a limited supply, so comment early! Then, post your wrapup on your blog. That's it! I'll still be plugging away at my fitness here forevermore, but in a very different way. You'll see what I mean tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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