Easter, Birthday, and Casualties

They say, "Life is not measure by the number of breaths we take, but the number of moments that take our breath away."

That happened to me a lot today. Ohh, my babies. One of them turned three today. I am officially the proud owner of a three year old. *Sigh*.

Time just goes by so fast. I feel like it was only yesterday that I was standing next to his little incubator.
By the way, too bad it's not "B" week here, because it feels like the whole day was about "B"'s.
Like baskets:

Birthday and bicycle!
(Which made it easy for Mommy to cook Easter Brunch. See, another B!)
More baskets:
And Babyhead. Can I just tell you how much I love this babyhead? Everyone is pressuring me to chop off his little curls in the back. But I won't! I refuse! I LOVE THEM! So there.
And Buddies... (don't they look like they're talking about something important? Like Poops is saying, "Look, I gotta tell you something, and you're not gonna be happy about it but I'm your friend so I should tell you..."
See? I'm just dying of toddler cuteness over here.
Oh yes, the only thing that doesn't begin with the letter "B" is the following:

These would be "C".
For "chick casualties". I had these little chickies all over my tables as part of my Easter decorations. But sadly, I lifted up one of my platters and found these guys. Flattened. Pulverized. Our only casualties. Except for the state of the house, which is, as my (now) three-year-old just told me, "What a mess!"
Happy Easter!!! Don't forget to join the party that starts tomorrow!!
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  1. Happy Birthday to your little guy!! Hope you are having a great Easter!

    And do NOT cut off the curls! Ever! ;o)

  2. My love to the birthday boy - looks like he had a great day! And also, Happy Easter!

    Three years old, what a big boy now! It's gone by so quickly!

  3. Also - everyone pressured me to cut off Elliot's curls. I resisted forever. Then I caved. Then I cried. Now I'm over it.

  4. Aww poor baby chicks. LOL I just saw a thing in the Washington Post about peeps diaramas - some of those are fantastic - don't know if you've seen it but I'm sure you have. Either way - made me think of you.


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