A Party! A Party! And You're Invited!!!

*Sigh* I've done a lot of soul baring on this blog and my old blog, The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy (back when there was only one Poopy). A lot of it was sappy and sad. That's what prematurity, preeclampsia and postpartumness do to you I guess.

But these days, it's all happy times and good stuff. That's why I'm throwin' a party up in here!

I'm gonna do a lot of "rememberwhens" and I hope you'll join me!

Here, I'm gonna splain.

My first child, affectionately named Poops (well not really, I'm not that cruel) was born 6 weeks early. I had preeclampsia, I gained 20 pounds in two weeks and my face looked like a giant puffy football (along with the rest of me.) My blood pressure was out of control, I was seeing sparkles, and the swelling. My GAWD the swelling. One night, my water just broke. And that was it. I was introduced to prematurity and ever since it's been my dream, my goal, my mission to raise money for the March of Dimes to do anything I can to spare any family the grief, the complication, the expense and the overall heartbreak that it is to have a premature baby.

I will spare you the details of the NICU stay and what it's like to have a baby that you don't get to see or hold for hours or days or weeks or months, I'll share that later. But for now, I wanna get this party started on a high note!

Because I don't want it to be all woe-is-me (oh we'll probably have some a dat later) but parties are about fun!! So what are we all going to do at this party??? We're gonna get to know each other! And there are two ways to join!

The first way:

-You can post a before-and-after picture OF ANYTHING AT ALL on your blog and then leave the link on Mr. Linky right here! It can be of ANYTHING! You can post one of you before you graduated high school with your giant puffy hair, and you can post your now-picture. You can post a picture of the lovely beautiful plants you bought a few weeks ago that have since gone to the giant garden in the sky (I may know a thing or two about this...) You can post sentimental pictures and remember someone you love, you can post the "single" you and the "married" you. You can post your before and after in your weightloss, anything! Anything that even remotely deals in the beforeandafters is all fair game! I will have a permanent linky up for you to sign so you can visit others and others can visit you!

The second way:

-E-mail me your before-and-afters and I will post them here! I will go on a posting frenzy if I have to! Send me your picture and a short story about it at: christieo_7 at msn dot com.

That's it! I will share with you some stories about my preemie, but I will also share some stories about me -- before and after. I may even show you some of my helmet-hair from high school, who knows. It could get pretty crazy. Throughout the week I will also be featuring families of premature babies and their stories. It's kind of like a blog telethon. What's the point of this?? I believe in the before and after. Anytime life is difficult in some way, the only thing that gets me through, is the after. (This even works with a bad haircut.) I believe in the silver lining, the "when one door closes..." thing, the cup half full, all of that. And that's what this party's about!

There is no cover to the party, but I am walking for babies on April 25th and I would love it if you would sponsor me. You can click the link here or there's a little button on the top left side of my blog for you to do that if you are so kind. And everyone who donates will get this:

It's my silicone bracelet that I love so much, with the message, "Strength, Focus, Discipline". No donation is too small, seriously. Especially for a cause I am truly devoted to.

The party starts Monday, April 19th (Mantra Monday here) and goes alll the way to Saturday the 27th! In between, my preemie moms group is throwing a Guitar Hero benefit (we're giving away a guitar! If you're in the Tampa area that day...) and I'll post pictures of that big party too! So let's have a little fun here! Let's party for a good cause!!!!

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  1. Just made a donation, wish it could be more. I'll be thinking of you guys that day!

  2. I just gave a bit. Thank you for being so strong.


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