Project Nastiness

I'd like to think that we all have some unfinished project lingering around our house that we are least proud of. It makes me feel better to think it's not just me. Even if it is.

Mine is in my very front yard.

Right out in the open. For alllll to see. Ok, it does hide behind a wall, if that counts, but it's right there out in the open for anyone who comes to the front door, friends, family, (solicitors...). It's right next to the hanging caskets. (Which are still "baskets" by the way. Half thanks to mother nature who watered them for me when they were starting to look a little sad.)

Oh yes, anyway, back to my little section of nastiness. It's a catastrophe. A calamity. A total and utter embarrassment.

It's my courtyard and it looked like this:
Until yesterday. Oh isn't it terrible? All that craziness? Yep. Weeds. It takes a complete crazy person to admit this (via picture) out loud on a blog.

And by the way can I just say that it's amazing once you start something how little time it actually takes to work on if you just move your lazy bum (a metaphor for life, maybe?).
So Poops helped me clear it all out. Well actually he did some digging and found a worm which was superexciting (despite the panic that set in when he almost squeezed it just a little too tight -- but he's ok. The worm, that is. In case you were wondering).

But 6 giant leaf garbage bags later this is what we ended up with:

So on to the next step. Which is going to be the best step: putting down a little stone patio and putting some more victims pretty flowers and plants and even a water fountain. I have a picture in my head of two chairs (or a bench), a tiny table, a fountain, flowers and pure serenity. I am hoping that the longest process was the preparation, like in most home improvement projects or potty training (and by the way, any word on how long this lasts? Because we're still not there yet.) Anyhoo we're gonna hop to it this weekend or tomorrow. We're picking up all the stones tonight. But step one of "project nastiness" is officially complete. On to phase two!
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  1. I have a Project Nasty as well. In the garden. N and I thought it would take the whole summer of weekends to complete, but here we are two weekends later and it's almost done! I'm so proud of us!


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