Mantra Monday: Picture This

Mantra Monday

Picture this: me running toward the water in my tight black one-piece bathing suit in goggles and a swim cap, with a big multi-digit number written on the back of my calf in black marker.

Picture this: me, training hard, each workout, with reckless abandon, for that day.

Picture this: my son in a classroom where he is happy and busily working away.

Picture this: me, eating healthy and well, no longer ordering take-out or going to Taco Bell just because I am in the mood for a Mexican Pizza.

Picture this: me, continuing my hitting streak with lovely white batfriend.

Picture this: me, training to swim in open water. Just me and my swim helper.

Picture this: my family, trying to figure out how to make the home a scream-free, stress-free zone.

Picture this: two little boys who don't hit each other, but instead, find in them an infinite amount of compassion, love and respect for each other, and a willingness and selflessness, enough to actually share.

Picture this: one little boy saying, "No, I know you really want to play with this. Please, you have it. I insist."

Picture this: the other little boy saying, "No. Really. You play with it. I insist." If he could talk...

Picture this: a clean car, an organized office, and brand new necklaces all lined up for release on my Etsy shop.

Picture this: time left over to finish the few pages of Breaking Dawn and go to Ikea.

Picture this: a meeting this week at my son's school that goes wonderfully and smoothly, and myself walking out of there saying, "Ahh. Yes! I said everything I wanted to say in the manner in which I wanted to say it."

Picture this: my french manicure, the first one of 2009, lasting two weeks. At least.

Picture this: a 17 month old with no more fever! (Poor guy. What a weekend.)

Picture this: children who say, "Yes, mommy! Great idea! I will go potty, then I will clean up my room and get ready for bed. Wish I thought of it myself!"

Picture this: me settling for children who simply say, "Yes, mommy!" in any scenario whatsoever.

Picture this: me feeling like an accomplished parent with child/children who say "Yes, mommy!" to any and all requests.

Picture this: me wandering off track into dreamland while writing a Mantra Monday post.

* * *
I've decided that recently I've been wishing a lot of things. I've also been trying to change a lot of things. But I realize too that if I don't actually picture things this way, they mightst never happen. So call it The Secret, or whatever you want, but I'm going to starting picturing my life being carried out in the way I wish it were being carried out so that I might actually begin to live the life the way I picture it being carried out. Does that make sense?
Is there anything you picture doing differently or changing?
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  1. Well, I'm bummed. I just had a brilliant comment all written out and *poof*! Lost in cyberspace. Oh well.

    Yes, while I had some problems with "The Secret" (I listened to it on audio), I do believe that positive thinking and visualization are powerful juju. And it's very logical to have a clear picture of what you want before you can go for it.

    That said, the thing that kinda trips me up sometimes is when I achieve what I want, but maybe don't "see" it right away, because it doesn't exactly match the "picture" I had in my head. Also related: getting bummed when the reality of what I wanted and worked for isn't quite what I pictured, or getting obsessed with the end picture and missing the good stuff along the way.

  2. I am picturing myself not eating chips right now. OK, I'll go put the bag back in the cupboard :(

  3. Baby steps. I find setting small goals that are in reach are the key. After I reach my goal I feel better. Even if that goal is folding all the laundry the same day it is washed.


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