Weakend Update

Got my bike!!!

I took my bike and my new cycling spandex out on their maiden voyages. Yes I took off those shorts but that's not for the blog world's eyes! At least not until the triathlon...

I met my dad at a trail and we rode 22 miles. I can now see how people can get addicted to cycling!

I think spin class has prepped me well for outdoor riding because spin class actually is much harder. The "weakend" is going well! I've stayed well within my calorie range and although I did miss a run, I still got in the bike! But the day's not over yet...

Hope everyone is having a happy!

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  1. Oh...look at that bike!! Look at YOU!! Love the getup...

    I love to bike...wish I did it more...I may be going out next week to get me a new bike...I am sooo jealous...

  2. 22 miles?! Holy cow! Go you!! Well, I guess you did go didn't you? ;o)

  3. Look at YOU, triathlete-girl!!! Love your new bike, too! What a sweet ride!

    Nice to know that spin class is harder than road riding, because I haven't done that in awhile and need to start doing more riding in the "real" world.

  4. Way to go girl!! Look how great you look! Wow 22 miles thats great, and way to go for your dad riding 22 miles.

  5. Can I just say how AWESOME you look?!

    I'm so glad the biking went's the one part of a tri that keeps me from doing one.

  6. 22 *choke* miles? Dang. 22 minutes would wear me out. Japan will probably fix that about me. Gah. Thankfully my brain doesn't compute in kilometers, so I should be fine then.


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