A Conversation

Poops (sitting on the couch about two inches from my face, watching me put on my lipstick): "Can I have some of that on?"

Me (unsure of what to say to this): "Uh, ok, here you go!" then dabbing three little dabs on his lower lip to appear that I've put some on him but you can't see it but he doesn't know that.

Poops (rubbing his top lip and bottom lip together like me, then stopping, thinking real hard in a long thoughtful pause): "Am I a mom now?"

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  1. lol!! :D thankfully it takes a lot more than that

    (but i'm glad that i stick with gloss just in case)

  2. LOL. Love the things they come up with!

  3. Aww that is too sweet. My boys love when I fake put makeup and hairspray on them, I just don't tell daddy, lol!

  4. LOL! Josiah (and now Laney) often ask to put on lotion (and chapstick)...and he doesn't want the non-smelly kind...he wants the same smelly kind like mommy.


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