The Poo

Still waiting for a time in my life where the poo goes where it's supposed to.

'Sted of my floor.

Or my hand.

Or in a pair of Cars underpants that subsequently must get tossed.

But alas, it's the Energizer Bunny of potty-training going on here. Stilll goingggg....

Tonight it is quiet. The kids are asleep. I ran out of the big huge diapers that cover the bottom of a three-year-old. And we tried something new. He's asleep right now in the room next to me, with only a thin piece of fabric separating his potential poo from his bed.

Yep. Underpants. At night.

It's the first time. I remain optimistic.

That one day, one night, maybe even this night, a boy will walk out of his room and into the potty. Independently. Alone. Brave. Unwavering. Conquering. Pooping. In potty.

A girl can dream.

Will we toss out another pair of undie? Will he conquer the dream? Will he walk down the aisle in a diaper? Graduate Summa Cum Laude wearing nothing but a gown and a diaper?

We shall see.

* * *

Update #1: Experiment did not have expected outcome. The pee-pee made an early appearance, waking subject. Subject was drenched and pissed.off. Balled fists and everything. (Now I only tried the no diaper thing because he's been waking up dry and during the day by the way is completely potty trained -- goes on his own without asking for help. Getting used to the idea of walking out of your room in the dark and going potty takes some getting used to I guess.) But man. Grum-PY.

Update #2: Subject was cleaned and went back to bed all dry in nice new fresh pair of undies.

Update #3: Subject wakes up, plays, subsequently poos in pants.

Update #4: Ramone undies make way to giant underwear heaven in the sky. Or where-ever undies go. Replaced by Thomas.

Update #5: Subject was bribed with dreams of going to Chuck E. Cheese if he poos in potty.

Update #6: A girl can dream.

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  1. Ohhh, Christie, thanks for making me laugh! My littlest is just about to turn two, so potty training is just around the corner again for us a well.

    Don't worry -- I'm sure he'll master it before graduation!

  2. My mother en-law told me to wake my girl in the middle of the night for a potty break. I was all like"no, that is when I am sleeping"
    But, I wasn't asleep I was up changing baby bed sheets and giving "get the poo of my back baths".
    I will not say it worked totatlly but it open to door for her to see going to the potty at night was just like coming in my room to get in my bed at night.

    BTW don't fall for th pull-ups trap. My girl saw them as big girl Diapers and treated them as such. I had to go right to the training panty. When she got tired of being wet she went potty.

    I don't know how to go about training the boy. He will be 2 in Dec. When is a good time to start?


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