Fall Favorites: Egg and Bacon Costume (The best pregnant costume EVER!)

As promised, a preggo costume this week! This is a quick costume so if you have a belly (or your husband does!) and you wanna throw something together quickly, here you go: my husband and I as "Bacon and Eggs" for Halloween!

When I was a hundredty months pregnant with my second son, we were invited to a Halloween party and the first thing I thought of to incorporate my belly was: Eggs and bacon.

My husband was thrilled.

I sold him on it because I told him he could wear all black, and just drape some bacon around his neck.

Fake bacon, of course. Real bacon would just be weird. I think he thought I meant real bacon until I started draping bacon-looking foam around his neck and saw his disappointment.

Sorry for the grainy-ness, I'm not even sure where I got the picture from. I think it was our ancient camera. But it looks like real bacon, right?? So here's how you make it.

Note: If you happen to make this costume, won't you let me know how it went and send me pictures? I have noticed a LOT of people coming here to be eggs and bacon this year! Yes, even if we don't know each other, tell me how the costume went!! christieo_7 at msn dot com!

Materials for Egg:
-From fabric store, 6 yds of white felt, kind of stiff
-1 yard of yellow spandex
-glue gun/glue
-strips of stick-on velcro

Directions: I eyeballed this one, to be honest. I held the felt up to my body to see how big I wanted to cut out the circle. I went with right at my neck and then around my thighs. I cut it out in a wavy circle, then used the front as a pattern and cut the back. Then I took the front panel, pushed it up against my belly, and cut a whole around my belly. I glued the front panel to the back panel around the edges, leaving armholes open.

Then, I took the spandex and cut a strip big enough to wrap around my body's midsection and cover up my belly. I cut out strips of velcro and attached them to each end of the spandex so it would close in the back and be hidden by the back panel of the eggwhite. Voila! A costume.

Directions for bacon:


-one a big roll of white foam from the fabric store
-black, dark brown, and red spray paint
-plastic string or ribbon

Cut foam into one big 4 foot strip. Then, cut that piece in half, lengthwise. You should have two long rectangles, about 4 feet long. On both strips, use the scissors to make the sides of the bacon wavy all the way up both sides and the tops. Take the strips outside with the spray paint and make sure you have a surface you won't ruin with spraypaint (I put them on a big piece of cardboard on the grass). Along the edges, spray with black spray paint. Then, spray one red stripe down the middle of both pieces. Fill in the rest with some of the brown to get that crisp bacon look. Haha! It is really so easy. Then, cut two holes at the top corners of each piece of bacon. Loop the ribbon or plastic string through the holes on one piece of bacon, then loop them through the holes on the other strip of bacon. You may have to play with the length of the string to suit your loving husband/partner. Have them wear all black.

Stick a fork in it you're done! (How do I look?)

* * *
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