Weigh-In Wednesday: The Finale! (Get a Look at my cans!)

Shrink for Good with the Sisterhood!

For this six week challenge, I've lost 7 pounds, a post told best by pictures:



Oh come on. Don't tell me you thought I was showing you pictures of something else...Yes, these are actual cans. But who are we kidding. I think there might be one lone dude reading this blog and it's my husband.

Oh and yes, my little parade-leader-can is wearing a hat and carrying a (fake) baton (i.e. pipe cleaner.)

So that's what 7 pounds looks like and it's going, along with a larger lot of food, to the Metropolitan Ministries in my area. What a wonderful challenge Lose for Good was, wasn't it??? I LOVED IT!

I also happen to have lost some inches! According to the string test, I've lost approximately 2 inches around my hippage region, one around each thigh, and one around my waist. So, yes! There is less of me to stuff into my fullbodyspandexsuit on Saturday! Sweet.

Since I'm on the topic of Saturday, the last triathlon of the season, I want to share a fun fact with you that will make you all feel better about open water swimming should you choose to do it which you probably won't now for about 6-8 months, but just in case.

It appeared magically, as if by some stroke of wonderful karma, on my sidebar right there in the WellSphere facts, yesterday. I know. Coincidence? I think not.

"You're more likely to be struck by lightning while putting on
your wetsuit than to get bitten by a shark."
I would really love to believe this fact (well, since I am not wearing a wetsuit but I do live in the lightning capital of the world -- hey! come to think of it I wonder if the researchers were in Florida!) but the journalist in me would like to see the documents and/or research on it to confirm or deny that reports. Oh, just forget it, for now I'll play ignoramus and go with it since I'll be swimming on Saturday and I'll use any factoid to get my head in the right place. Or I'll just do like last time and follow the swimcap in front of me.

I bet you're wondering what's next for me. Or maybe not. But if you are, I'm doing a couple running races over the coming months, but I will be starting a 3 month plan very soon to begin training for the St. Anthony's Triathlon, which is an Olympic distance rather than a sprint (about twice the length of the ones I have done). I don't know if it was the greasy spoon diner we went to after our workout on Sunday with my tri group or the icy (yes, icy, in Florida) wind that got to me, but we all got to discussing it and right there I decided that needed to be my next goal but there is a good chance I'll look back while I'm standing at the edge of the water for that one and think, "Hmmm. This seemed like a good idea at the time."

But I'm always up for a good challenge. Meantime, there's a ton of new stuff going on at the Sisterhood soon, (hint hint) but for now you better get over there to get a look at the can parade going on! Everyone's showing off their cans! Plus, there's a "biggest loser" for the challenge and she's AMAZING! How did you do??
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