Mantra Monday: I Got Me a Wall of Motivation

Mantra Monday

I'm in a period in which I need vow renewal. New motivation. Inspiration. A reminder of why I am doing what it is I am doing. (What was I doing again?) Oh yea. A triathlon in April. April!?

That's so far away! What do I do in the meantime????!!!

So for now, I'm sitting here, all complacent in myself and doing things like eating a bucketload of popcorn, in size Large because the tween moviefood worker convinced me it was more economicable and a Cherry Coke also in the large size because of previously convincing economicableness while watching New Moon and secretly switching to Team Jacob and undoing all my good work out-y type deeds while pretending I'm moderating.

So I've put this up:
This is my Wall of Motivation.

But really it's a door.

And some corkboard.

But more importantly, it's my bedroom door, out of which I must walk out of every morning to start my day. In fact I pass through this door many times a day. And it's already working and I barely have anything up! But I'm working on it!

So far (since I've just started it) it has a picture of Chrissie Wellington on it. Female World Ironman Champion. Amazing.

I saw this picture in one of my magazines and the idea for an inspiration wall was born. And I'm not normally one to cut pictures out of a magazine. I haven't done that since about, oh, 20 years ago when Ralph Macchio and/or Kirk Cameron were on the cover of Tiger Beat or Teen Beat or whatever juicy teen idol magazine I happened to be salivating over at the time.

Man, she's ripped.

The other thing I have up was the sticker I got after doing the half marathon last March. I was going to put it on my car until I decided it would be so much cooler if I put up a "26.2 Been There Run That" sticker on my car instead. So since I haven't run that yet, this one needed a home until I do which probably won't be very soon but the stars could align I suppose. In the meantime, I think this one has found a nice home.

I'm going to prettify my little wall by putting up a bedazzled sticker across the top that says "Motivation" and then add to it at will, with sayings, happy things, peaceful things, inspiring things, as soon as I find them. Because it's funny how they're everywhere when you're not looking for them but NOWHERE when you're actually looking for them.

So often I have to switch up the motivating factors and start talking my brain into doing something even when it doesn't quite want to and now is one of those times. Because until I officially get on my training plan for the April triathlon which doesn't begin for a few more weeks, I'm lost. I'm finding myself skipping workouts and doing all those undedicated unmotivated things I've done to get myself to my previous state in the first place which was (according to those mean bodyfat calculation people) "obese". Must stop cycle. Must stop cycle.

So, please, oh, Wall of Motivation, speak to me. Little tiny paper Chrissie Wellington, speak to me. Call out to me. Remind me that I'm moving my body to be more fit for myself. To reach a goal I'd never even considered until this year. To be a good role model for my little tots. To be a wife my husband gets all hot and bothered over. To feel that wonderful rush of adrenaline and pride when I'm flying on my bike or on the treadmill or in the pool.

Cause I ain't feelin those things sitting here on this here couch. That's for sure.

And if I don't listen by at least Friday, you can pop me in the face.

* * *

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