Questions from Domesticadia

Motherhood and a permanent residence in Domestic-adia raises more questions than answers. And I almost never ever feel like I know what I'm doing. (Do you have this problem?)

Among the questions I've asked this week are:

1. What happens if a child eats cat poo? (Don't ask.)
2. What is the difference in symptoms between the stomach bug my other son had last week and what happens after eating cat poo? (Updated: Whatever it was, it's gone now.)
3. If the stuffed animals are a casualty of said result of the above, can they be washed in the washing machine, even if it says not to?
4. What will happen to them? (Update: Best friend talked me into playing "stuffed animal roulette". Whoever makes it out of the washer alive gets to stay. And I have to tell you, a little of myself went in the washer with them. I was really worried and found myself really pulling for them. THANK GOODNESS! THEY MADE IT! All of them! George, Winnie the Pooh, Baby Bear and Elmo, guess what? You get to stay!
5. Now. If you wash them in the washer, does it follow too that you can dry them in the dryer?
6. What will happen to them? (Update #2: Yes! I used the "almost no heat" option. They are clean, germ-free, and surrounding my son on the couch as we speak.)

OK. New round of questions.

7. Is it weird if I buy a bottle of wine with a coupon?
8. Isn't it weird that coupons for wine exist?
9. Is it weird for me to buy a Twilight Edward doll?
10. What if it's for myself?
11. What is the difference between roasting a turkey in one of those slow roaster things that are on sale at Target and K-Mart instead of roasting it in the oven? Is it a skin crispyness issue?
12. Where are my hair ties and camera chargers?
13. How did I allow my e-mail inbox to hit 5000?
14. Should I throw a party? That's a pretty big milestone.
15. Do I have A.D.D. or do I just have an uncanny ability to multitask? Because I have been bouncing from this post to the one I started previously, and in between I'm doing laundry and cutting coupons (while wondering also why my favorite craft store even bothers offering 55% off "custom framing" because it still costs at least $150 every time I have them "custom frame" something.)
16. How much caffeine is too much?
17. Didn't I read somewhere that you should NOT pay attention to tantrums and they will eventually stop throwing them?
18. Why haven't they stopped?
19. Should I stop before I get to 20 questions?
20. Nahhh.... Why do I put on children's programming only to have them walk away, leaving me stuck watching Curious George or Martha? Like right now?...

PS. This is exhausting.
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