Safe Running and Peace of Mind

This week, my husband learned that a classmate from his high school was killed after being hit by a car. He was training for a triathlon and was out cycling.

He was our age and he left behind his wife and two-year-old. He had just begun triathlon training to lose weight and fell in love with it. He was a photographer. He was a blogger. His son was wearing the same outfit as my two-year-old in one of his pictures.

He was us. Any one of us.

That night my husband went out for a run in the dark. I saw that he wasn’t carrying his phone because it was sitting there, lonely on the counter. He wasn’t carrying his I.D. He didn’t have pockets. All I could think was that if something happened to him and he needed emergency attention, no one would know who he is and no one would be able to tell me he was hurt. Had I not heard about the death of his friend, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it...

Head over to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans today for the rest of the story, some running safety tips and a great, potentially lifesaving giveaway. Stay safe out there!

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