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Mantra Monday

Tomorrow's the first NICU baby shower we're throwing (and if you don't know what I'm talking about it's my preemie mom's group, the March of Dimes and our local HUG Program throwing baby showers for families with babies in the NICU) and last week I mentioned that it's at the hospital where my son was born. So tomorrow is extra special to me.

But my son's still sick. He's been throwing up on and off since Thursday. It's awful enough being on the cusp of victory (yay! he was hungry AND he ate an entire bowl of oatmeal!!) only to be deflated 5 minutes later from watching him run to the bathroom unable to hold it down.

(I know, great breakfast talk, sorry!)

The world stops when there's a sick baby. Packed schedule? Too bad. Things to do? Not right now you don't!

So I may be looking at sitting out tomorrow's shower. I'm trying not to be crushed. I really am.

I just knew tomorrow was going to be an emotional thing for me because I knew I was going to complete my circle by going there. I had my preemie there, and I was going to help other mommies with preemies there. Full circle.

It's just one of those things, right? There's always next year, yada yada yada. I'm a grown woman, things just happen. Maybe the clouds will part and I will be able to go. Maybe not. I'll just have to get over it if it doesn't happen.

Anyhoo, some oddities that my crazy brain thinks are funny and because I'm trying to stay positive and sometimes I need to do that in sort of a warped type of way.

Have you ever really thought about how gruesome the saying, "Killing two birds with one stone" is? I say it all the time! But hey, that's not nice, is it? Never thought about it. Not once.

Furthermore, while we were listening to a Disney CD in the car and the song, "Three Blind Mice" came on, I was all excited. Till we got to the chorus, "...cut off their tails with a carving knife!" Um. Let's just skip this one. Really? I sang that in school all my life? Poor blind mice. And they're blind to boot! We were cutting off tails of poor mice with disabilities! How awful.

Anyhoo. My son is super-aware of being sick and throwing up but it wasn't until this morning that it made me laugh with how he thinks of it in his own three-year-old mind. He wanted some hot cocoa, so I said ok (I would make it without milk) and he said, "But not the one with the marshmallows!" And I said, "Why? You LOVE marshmallows!" And he said, "Nope. Not today. My hiccup will fight with them."

So he's gone on to tell me what foods won't agree with him and equating his barfness to one giant hiccup that will fight with anything that doesn't appeal to it. Very creative!

Ending on a positive note today and for that I turn you over to yesterday's 5k Race Day report and running in knee highs!

Have a good week! Stay positive! I'll be trying my best.
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