Weigh-in Wednesday: The Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

I'm into categorizing all my "situations" this week.

As in, if I'm about to deliver myself bad news, I also deliver myself good news.

Like, the bad news is... our Thanksgiving guest list is shrinking (Wah! I like me a good party.) The good news is... I found fantastic fabric to make a Thanksgiving table runner (did you know that all the fall-ish fabric is GONE?!)

The bad news is I'm behind in everything (as in, I was supposed to make said runner last night). The good news is there's a Curious George Christmas episode on and the "yellow man" is singing! And so is the doorman. And Chef Bisgetti!

The bad news is the kids woke up on the wrong side of the bed/crib. The good news is, my husband's coming home today at lunchtime!

See? Always good news.

So for weigh-in day at the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans (have you joined yet?), bad news is I'm still up a pound since the start of the challenge and I skipped a very important 5 mile run over the weekend on account of Ikea and getting lost in it. Twice. The good news is I'm down a pound from last week! And I am doing a Turkey Trot 10k tomorrow morning with my husband and my dad as my turkey roasts in the oven. Over 600 calories burned before lunch. Sweet.

I'm feelin the holiday love this week. I'm feelin the thankfulness. My cup overfloweth (I really do know what that means now!)

So how did you do this week? Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family and many blessings from my family to yours!!
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