I Lost My Skivvies

So I went to the gym all chipper, with a spring in my step, excited for my first foray into swimming in quite some time. Just like I said I would on Mantra Monday. Because I'm a girl of my word. Mostly. (And by the way I had a pretty kickass swim.)

But I wasn't 10 feet into the gym when I felt something drop out of the towel I was holding.

So I turned around.

And looked down.

At my gray grannies in the middle of the floor for everyone to see.

(Oh yes, now I remember! I did forget to put them in my bag. Whoopsy!)

And people, let me just say that 5 seconds of grannies out in the middle of the floor without your even noticing it in a packed gym is forever.

It's almost as bad as the time I wore two different sneakers to the gym.

So I picked my ugly bloomers up off the floor (hey, come to think of it, I wonder now if someone would have told me I dropped them! I wouldn't have wanted to be that guy. Or would said person have picked them up and ran after me? Ew. Or would the lost skivvies have been the pink elephant/slash/ugly bloomers in the room that everyone would have stepped over while grimacing? Or would someone who noticed this occurrence have pointed out to me that I dropped "something"? I wonder...)

Anyway, after I picked up my stray undergarment and shoved it back into my towel, I kept walking, careful not to make eye contact with anyone of the dudes in the longest row ever of weight machines planted all along my walking path to the locker room. Because I am sure they all saw it. And I pretended to Tweet.

That is all. Carry on.
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