Mantra Monday: Get Back Into That Pool

Mantra Monday

My husband is the voice of reason. When I can't see it, he can. And he tells me so.

This weekend when we were talking about our impending very busy 2010, (which now includes the Virtual Team in Training Half-Marathon in San Diego with the Sisterhood!) And the triathlon that I have been off and on training for the past couple weeks.

Oh, who are we kidding, training has kind of been put in the backseat during this busy holiday-birthdayness we've got going on. And usually something sticks out for me for the week, either something someone has said or something I have read, something I need to post a Mantra Monday about and usually, it finds me, I don't have to go lookin' for it. This week it's from the mouth of husband.

"You gotta get back in that pool."

Why yes. Yes I do.

Because the swim in the triathlon ain't gonna swim itself! And this one's kinda long.

But I've been procrastinating. I don't know why. I've been making excuses, not wanting to get wet or shower after my workout or take "all those clothes with me" to workout...

Stupid crap. I know.

I'm human.

But it only took those few words, from my husband. That's why I love him.

This week, getting back in the pool. And I'm gonna like it.

* * *

And because I'm all about the mantras (you know it!), Diane @Fit To the Finish has compiled a great list of mantras compliled through Twitter, I'd love to just print this out and put it on my fridge! So if you're looking for motivation, there's plenty to be had out there on this Monday morning. So what's your mantra?? Share it every week here in the comments or post about it and leave the link in comments so I can come visit you!

And ps. I'm over here confessing my foodsins and over here trying to re-motivate myself with tips to beat the cold weather today (I'm all over the place today!) so go check it out and leave me a little love so I don't get all insecure!

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