Mantra Monday: Every Little Bit Counts

Mantra Monday

It's now mid-January. We've been sick here since the end of December. Ugh. Now we're all at the tail end of these colds and I'm hoping that for maybe a week or two in January, we'll have some healthy. Maybe. Just maybe.

Here's the tally whilst sick: my blog energy: fail. My workout energy: fail-ish. (I actually have been getting workouts in, though they're just not as hard as they would be when I'm healthy.) My cleaning energy: big fat fail.

We've had a toy "situation" going on here since Christmas and the house has been in complete disarray for weeks, unorganized, overflowing, borderline pig stye. Seriously.

But somehow, in between illnesses, I manage to find a few fleeting bursts of energy. So far, I've managed to rearrange and trade out all the toys, organize them, rearrange the kids' rooms, and sterilize the house from the spores. It's taking a while, yes. It's all a work in progress. I still have a lot to do. But I'm getting there. It may be short bursts of energy, but they're starting to add up and things are starting to get done. S-L-O-W-L-Y.

So this week, the mantra is Every Little Bit Counts. Even if I have it in me to clean for 5 minutes. That counts.

What's your mantra? Join me on Mondays and link your post up in the comments!
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