Mantra Monday: Serenity Now

Mantra Monday

I'm going to have to go with an old favorite this week, "Serenity Now".

Ya know, the Seinfeld where George was selling computers, competing against the loony Lloyd Brawn and Kramer was on that new "stress regiment" repeating "Serenity Now" (insanity later...)

Well I'm there.

Because everyone in my life has the spores.

And it all started with me. I got the stomach flu. Then both my babies got it. I thought it was over and my house was disinfected, until three family members who came over also got it.

I must have cleaned my house a million times with everything, from Lysol to bleach. The floors, the door knobs, the light switches, the toys... everything. And they still got it.

So back to the drawing board. As you read this, I will likely be cleaning again. And then again later. And again later.

Meantime, make sure you follow rule #1: don't come to my house. Or you will get the spores. I'm just going to go crawl into my hole now. Serenity now.

Have a great week! Don't forget to wash your hands and/or sanitize!
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