Random Posting

A list in no particular order of importance.

It's so cold here in Florida I feel like the alligators are huddled under the water rubbing their tiny alligator arms (but not being able to reach because they're so short) going, "Dang, it's cold out here!"

(Seriously though. What do they do? Are they used to this? I kind of feel bad for them. Kind of.)

I hate Taco Bell's "Drive Thru Diet." I cringe when I see the commercial and it fires me up. It's one thing to offer more nutritious items on the menu. I'm all for that. But don't tell me that eating at the drive thru of Taco Bell is going to make me lose weight. And furthermore, don't tell me that sh*t's healthy. If I must eat there, then there are some healthIER items to choose from. But that's it.

I have a cold. Because why wouldn't I?

And that makes me grumpy and go on rants about things like Taco Bell commercials.

My sister and I were trading Karate Kid quotes on Facebook and I got to thinking how Daniel-san never ages and how I follow Ralph Macchio on Twitter. The other day I knew he was shoveling snow and taking Ibuprofin.

I also follow Darth Vader and R2D2, whose tweets are usually something like, "Beep! Doot Deet!" I always retweet it.

Right now I'm wearing black dress socks with pajamas.

I was grumpy earlier this week so I bought myself some flowers and a bottle of wine. It was like taking myself out on a date. Without the making out.

I need to go to the store desperately because we're running out of everything but I'd rather saw off my arm than go to the store with two sick kids.

My son was singing "10 Little Indians" this morning and I told him he was part Indian and he yelled at me and said, "No! I'm a police man!"

Yesterday, he told me he wanted to be a "motorcycle man" and I told him he could be an astronaut who rode his motorcycle to work and I thought his mind might explode with this information.

He found his whistle shaped as a fighter plane this morning. Hurray!

I need a night of dancing with the girls.

Fun with Google: go there and just type "Why does..." or "Why do..." or "Why does a man " or "Why does a woman" and see what autofinish comes up with. HILARIOUS! I'm so immature. But my husband is more immature-er because he told me to.

I think I just might vlog about how to "frog". You inspired me yesterday in my weigh-in post. (It's an exercise that sends me into total ab failure.)

That's all. Feel free to share randomness and/or wise thoughts here. Otherwise, have a nice day!
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