Weigh-In Wednesday: Body Fail and the Frog

Rethink Your Shrink!

It's weigh-in time over at The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans! (Have you joined yet? It's never too late!)

This week, I am down one pound. It was kind of a rough week with working out because I was taking care of all the sickies, but I did make sure to eat ok so that it would all be ok when I got back into the gym which was Monday.

Also I learned something about myself. I learned that there is an ab exercise called the "Frog" in which I have complete body fail.

You sit on your butt. You lift your legs and bend your knees and pull them up toward your chest. Meantime, you keep your entire torso off the ground so that your body is sort of shaped like a "V" and you're just balancing on that tiny piece of butt. and then you bring your arms and knees together repeatedly. Which would be great except that I can't even get my body to do the position in the first place! My lower abs are almost non-existent! Thank goodness I took this class! I had no idea they were this weak! I MUST CONQUER THIS THING THEY CALL THE FROG!

If you got a second, try it. I'm going to keep trying. This is why I took that crazy body pump class and why I keep going. Because I went into complete body fail the first week, and then the second week, it was a little better. (Not the Frog, just the class itself. I went into body fail during other parts too, like 1:30 of planks and inverted planks --this lady kicks my rear!) I think I might keep going because I love the weight training/cardio combo and the pain I leave in (I can hardly turn the steering wheel, my arms are so shaky and sore. They're actually still sore.)

I'll just keep repeating Pain is good. Pain is good. Pain is good.


Happy W-I-W!
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