Weigh-In Wednesday: The Rethink My Shrink Finale

Rethink Your Shrink!

Wow, is it done already???  Rethink Your Shrink is done??
That went fast.

Well, I did pretty good, if only my anniversary weren't at the tail end of this challenge! An anniversary in which there was dinner and great steak and a piece of chocolate cake the size of my head.

I did lose for the challenge, though not as much as I had wanted. Looks like this week I lost a half a pound (wow is all I can say for that and that's in a good way.)

Total for the challenge: 4.5 pounds!

Which I think is pretty darned good and this challenge was exactly what I needed to get back on track after the holidays. And there are a lot of things going on that will keep me in check for the immediate future, like for instance I am officially participating in the Team Shrinking Jeans half-marathon in San Diego! I want you to meet the beautiful woman I am running for right HERE. I need to raise a lot of money to get there, any and everything counts! So I will be opening it up for a vote, if I meet my fundraising goals, I will let YOU vote on what kind of crazy I do. The options:
-Faux hawk
-Dye hair purple
-Eat mushrooms (GAH!)
-Get a tattoo (fake or real... hmmmm.)

I am taking suggestions for the list for the next week and a half that I'll add to the list, so suggest away! I will vlog whatever you decide I do. Voting will begin in a week and a half! Until then, won't you consider a donation?? To me or the team, either way is great!

In other health-related news, I got back from a weekend away with the husband (we went to Orlando, a theme park and dancing! Woohoo! Right up my alley!) We were on a wonderful we-love-our-relationship "high!"! And then the kids were sick (debbie downer.) 102.5 fever upon walking into my parents' door.

So we've been inside all week, sick. No school, no one can come over to watch them. My poor guys. Every week, I swear.

Because of days like these, I bought an indoor bike trainer to stick my bike on and ride away. Because I cannot swim or run while the kids are sick, I may as well do something! And I'm looking at 4-5 days of only weight-training and DVDs, and those options would be great if I weren't training for a triathlon! So I bit the bullet.

And IT.IS.AWESOME. I got my ride in yesterday! I rode for 30 minutes, I caught up on the Today Show while the kids napped, it was perfect! It was amazing! I wish it were a little quieter, but it didn't seem to bother them, so I guess it's fine! The great part is that I can set it up anywhere I want. If I want to go in the driveway and put my headphones on, I can do that. If I want to ride in front of the tv, I can do that. If I want to ride in the office, I can do that! And any time I want! On my own bike!

So awesome.

Not sure if I'll ever catch up on everything since we've been sick since December and I've been frazzled for the entire month, but right now I will drink coffee.

I can't wait for the new challenge, have you heard about it yet? The Shrinking Jeans Olympics? I know! It's awesome and I can't wait! By the way it starts in two days. Hope to see you there!

TA TA for now!
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  1. You were awesome this challenge. I hope you will keep up the Monday Project. I really have enjoyed that and it has done so much for me. One question...wasn't this challenge supposed to run to the 17th? Are we ending early to start the olympic challenge in conjuction with the real olympics? Just askin!

  2. congrats on your loss for the challenge. and if i remember math properly 4.5 totally rounds up to 5 :D

  3. Holiday - awesome!
    Sick kids - suck
    Loss - fabulous
    Olympics - cannot wait!!

    Great job hooker!!!

  4. Very cool about the new "toy"...that will be used so much! A loss is great...and you lost lots of pounds! Especially after cake! Woohoo!

  5. Congrats on the loss for the challenge! You are totally going to rock the half-marathon in San Diego! Personally, I vote for the faux hawk, purple hair AND the tattoo! I'm just a rebel like that :)

    And words can't describe how excited I am that the challenge starts up in 2 days!

  6. I seriously need to look into that bike thingie. As soon as I get a bike.

    Congrats on the loss, lady. You did great!

  7. A loss after your Anniversary Eating Spectacular (I would have gladly helped you eat some of that chocolate cake)! You Rock!

  8. Christie,
    You did an amazing job with this challenge! Seriously, I'm so glad you took the reigns, because it's been the BEST challenge we've ever had. Without a doubt. I love you!!!

    Congratulations on your loss! Four point five pounds is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!!!!!

    I would love to see you vlog your bike trainer! Sounds awesome!!!

  9. I have loved this challenge! I love the tatoo idea. It would be awesome to do as a team but I'm terrified of needles. Although I'd probably do it if the other hookers did. ;)

  10. You did awesome with the 4.5 pound loss! it totally sucks that your family has been so sick! Makes it hard for momma to deal with all the challenges in exercising consistently but you obviously have found a great way of doing it!! Way to go!! I vote for the purple hair!!

  11. So. Here's my idea. I design a few "choices" for tattoo designs and we all (those of us who want to) get the tattoo.

    Congrats, bloggy twin! I'm so proud of you!

  12. Way to go, lady! I vote for purple hair!


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