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I love reading ads in sports magazines. Some of them really inspire me and make me laugh, like this one for http://www.tri-zone.com/ in USA Triathlon Life Magazine(my rebuttals in the parenthesis)

"What we know about age groupers:
They count the days before a race like a kid counts the days before Christmas. (check).
They never lie about their age. (check.)
They pack their bag the night before a workout. Sometimes two or three bags. (Check! If there's a swim and a run, or a bike and a run, there's so much gear! And then the towels! And then the outfits! The forgotten undies...)
The trunk of their car looks like a gym and a locker room. (Bike, bike shoes, helmet, bags, old socks..)
They're always hungry. (Check.)
They like big, crazy goals that make them feel alive. (Check!)
They take more showers. (2, sometimes 3 a day. It's ridiculous.)
They are masters of time management and winging it. (I try, anyway!)
They race to compete. (Well, maybe one day...)
They race to celebrate what they've become. (Check! Check!)
They want to get better, faster, stronger - year after year. They want their workout buddies to do the same. (Check!)
They want what's cool and new - and what's tried and true. They want value.
And they want it all as soon as humanly possible." (Did I just hear someone say "Garmin watch"?)
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