Random-ity About Kids, Cats, and the Easter Bunny

-My son's about to turn 4 (Oh.Migod. Different topic entirely.) Anyway, the line of questioning is coming in full forced right now.
"Why do we have bobos?"
"Mommies have them to feed babies. I have no idea why boys have them, actually, and I don't think anyone does."
"Are eyes made of glass?"
"What are they made of then?!!"
"Tissue but not the kind that you blow your nose with, though, a kind that muscles and other things in your body are made of. Because your body is made up of different kinds tissue (like muscles) and cells and blood and skin."
 "Does Darth Vader live in Florida?"

Our entire days filled are with long lines of questioning. I feel like I'm on the stand. Because as you know, some of the hard questions make me sweat and turn me from mom-success to mom-fail in 1.2 seconds.

-I forgot my son's alarm clock at my parents' house. GAH! Few things erupt such intensity from my (almost) four-year-old than not waking up to the beautiful serenity of the rainforest nature sounds of his alarm clock. Well that's not true, actually, almost everything erupts intensity from my four-year-old, but this one hit such near tragic proportions that as soon as I realized I had forgotten it, my whole insides sunk because I knew what was to come. He's become so accustomed and reliant on the alarm clock, that if he happens to wander out of bed before his alarm comes on and the alarm clock has the audacity to go on while he is not in the room and he goes back in to discover that he was not there when his alarm went on, the tragedy that ensues for the next 30-45 minutes hits unsurmountable proportions that no amount of coffee in the morning can make me want to endure. And God forbid I forget to set it at naptime. I guess the good news is that he usually waits to hear the alarm before getting out of bed and it's helping him learn how to tell time (hurrah!) But if the alarm doesn't go off as planned? RUN FOR THE HILLS! (Or the coffee pot.)

-There's been a breach! My husband had just put the boys to bed when he heard a door open and out came walking my 2 year old. WHICH MEANS HE HAS OFFICIALLY AND SUCCESSFULLY SCALED THE CRIB.


I was drawing this one out as long as I could. Four, maybe 5 years old? 6? 18? The thought of constantly walking another one back to bed 100 times when we start the whole "big boy bed" thing (and the amount of coffee that I will require for this new development), well, I'm just not ready for it. Plain and simple.

-There is nothing that makes me more violent than heading to bed around 11 at night all bleary-eyed, getting ready to pull back the sheets and discovering that my cat has conducted his official business on my bed. And then having to spend the night huddling under a twin comforter because I don't have any spare queen-sized comforters in case of a cat's indiscretion. Considering a new comforter. Or a new cat.

-I went food shopping! Hooray! I knew you were worried about that.

-I did nothing for April Fool's Day. But I so wanted to do the one where you put Saran Wrap across a doorway and someone (my husband) walks through it. So badly. Just picturing it sends me into the giggles.

-We're going to my aunt's for Easter on Sunday and I'm looking forward to not cooking I'm looking so forward to seeing lots of family from out of town! Also, I acquired the kids' Easter outfits more than a month ago! So, so proud of that one. However, the "Easter Bunny" still has yet to acquire items for the Easter basket and has terrible "Easter Bunny" fears having to sift through all the leftovers on the bare shelves at this point.

-No meat today. That's for me and for you. (For those of you who follow Lent and not all of us do so that's ok.)

-Ps. I gave up fear for Lent. It was awesome.

Happy Friday everyone and Happy Easter!! Any big Easter plans???

* * *
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  1. Damn cat. That would totally ruin my bedtime/sleep time too. Our Easter plans include Saturday vigil where T will be initiated into the church. (Yay!) and then Easter Sunday will be spent with my parents relaxing, probably drinking wine and eating chocolate. Oh, and not to mention the 8-mile run Saturday and the 4-mile run Sunday that are on my schedule. Yike!!

  2. I gave up diet coke and Bacardi for lent. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it was going to be. Hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter.

  3. I read that whole post and you know what I took away from it?


    Oh my goodness, if that cat belonged to me, it wouldn't be around long...

  4. Ok I was totally hoping my little girl would stay in her crib until at least 18. She hasn't scaled it - YET. She's 2. Boo. :(

  5. so tell me, now that lent is officially over - are you picking back up your fear?


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