Weigh-In Wednesday: The Post-Treadmill at the Mall Version

Good morning everyone!

Well let's see. Besides my 26 miles of walking on a treadmill at the mall on Saturday, last week I only did about half my training (I swam once and did spin class once. Wow. Really, that's not even half.) I was so busy leading up to the fundraiser that my exercising (and eating) slipped a little and plus I didn't want to wear myself out for the long day I knew that Saturday would be.

I'm happy to say I maintained. Officially. (Whew! That was close.)

I would also like to point out that I hadn't gone food shopping in a week and a half, and can I tell you how AWFUL I am when I don't go food shopping and plan out my meals and snacks? I cannot be trusted! I eat out all the time! I have candy and cookies and ice cream! When I plan it all out, I stay well within portions and eat with the big picture in mind. But when I don't go food shopping, it's just one meal to the next, no rhyme or reason and whatever I'm in the mood for. This is a real eye opener for me on one hand because I'm glad I'm so good about my eating when I go shopping right, but what a slippery slope for when I don't!

So, it's time for me to focus. I have a mock tri Saturday and my first tri of the season in a week from Saturday. I want to ROCK IT. So I'm putting my game face on. Join us weighing in every Wednesday at the Sisterhood!

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  1. get your rear to the grocery store!!! if your car was running on empty would you pull off to the side of the road and fill it with some rainwater collected in a puddle?

    no - and you shouldn't be filling your body with crap fuel either! think about how good (insert favorite healthy recipe) will taste when you cook it for dinner tonight. and about how much better you'll be at your tri for fueling properly :)

  2. I agree with Brooke. You need to go grocery shopping. I completely understand the situation. I'm horrible when it comes to that. My hubby also eats like a child so if I run out of my healthy snacks I have to avoid his crap and it doesn't work. You need to go shopping so you can get back into the game at full swing.

  3. Congrats on maintaining....hope you find some yummies to satisfy your cravings this week! Isnt' it scary how easy to fall back into grabbing whatever is around? Good for you for recognizing it and stepping up to it!

  4. Already can't wait for the race reports -- I have no doubt that you WILL rock it! Great job on the maintenance!

  5. You are going to do awesome at those races! And maintaining is wonderful! You put a lot of stress on your body on Saturday!

  6. I dunno, the 26-miles-on-a-treadmill maintenance plan sounds pretty reasonable to me...


    (...yes, that was an April Fool's! Get thee to a...a....whatever the heck grocery stores you have there in Florida. I remember going on an internship in North Carolina when I was in college, and I swear, if there wasn't a grocery store clearly marked FOOD Lion, I probably would've spent the entire 6 months eating McDonald's and Subway. Oh, wait, I did that...thank goodness for my office pal who introduced me to Weight Watchers, otherwise the Sedentary Office Worker/College Girl with Disposable Income 40 would never have come off.)

  7. I'm so proud of you, Christie. You really rocked this past weekend and I'm sure you will rock this weekend.
    Having healthy foods/meals at home is definitely the key to the weight loss journey, so I beg you go to the grocery store! Take some time for YOU because ultimately eating right (as you normally do) is not only for you but your family as well!

    I definitely fall into this BAD habit as well when I don't go to the grocery store and plan fact I seem to be doing that a lot lately. Which could explain why I'm not doing so well with the losing of the weight.


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